Review: Bridgerton


No. of episodes: 8
Genre: Romance, Historical, Family
Original network: Netflix

Netflix’s original drama is set in the Regency era London during the season where debutantes are presented at court to find a suitable life partner. Centers around the Bridgerton family of a widow and her eight children.

The Bridgerton family

The Bridgerton Family
The Bridgerton Family

After the head of the house passed, the weight lands on their first son Anthony Bridgerton. The man that fell in love with an opera singer but was not blessed due to his social status. Their eldest daughter Daphne Bridgerton is now ready to debut at court to find an eligible bachelor.

Daphne was Queen Charlotte’s favor and became the diamond of the season. However, his brother Anthony did make the situation tough for her until there are no calls for her.

Daphne felt that the situation is not getting any better when Anthony agrees to marry her off to Nigel Berbrooke whom she dislikes. Fortunately, she then met Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings who is determined to not marry for help.

Lady Whistledown

The unknown, the anonymous newsletter writer that publishes ever-scandalous stories happening within the higher society. Her mysterious identity makes many walk on eggshells at every event.

The identity sparks interest to Eloise Bridgerton, the fifth child and second daughter. Eloise went to investigate and piece information that could lead her to find the true identity. She was close with Penelope Featherington, the youngest Featherington daughter.

The agreement

Simon Basset and Daphne Bridgerton enter into an act, a ruse. They walked to the court looking in love so that Daphne will be desirable again and Simon will be off-hook from the other debutantes.

Simon, Daphne and the Prince of Russia
Simon, Daphne and the Prince of Prussia

Simon and Daphne decide to trick her to believe their romance/fling is real. Daphne caught the eye of Prince Frederick of Prussia, who shows up in the country to visit his aunt, the Queen. Everything went smoothly and Daphne is finally getting the best potential she could have asked, but Simon and Daphne fell in love.

What will happen to Simon and Daphne? Just when Eloise thought she found the real Lady Whistledown, an eureka strikes that she’ve locked down on the wrong person.

For those who adore this drama, good news for you. Bridgerton has renewed for another season.

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