Review: Brutally Young

brutally young drama

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Investigation, Mystery, Crime

Native title: 十八年後的終極告白
Original network: TVB

The drama is about a group of seven high school students bury a body of their fellow student and fast forward to 18 years later, the skeleton of the body resurface and police are going to start investigating it.

谭俊彦有挑大梁,TVB新剧《十八年后的终极告白》开播- 推荐新闻- 艾美 ...

Sam Lam Long Sang 林朗生 (Shaun Tam), Shum King Yat aka Yat Gor 沈敬一 (Joel Chan), Tse Ka Foo aka Fei Zai 謝家富 (Anthony Ho) starts to gather together and contacted the rest to meet up and discuss what is the next step.

18 years later reunion

Sam is a successful accountant with a stable girlfriend who works as a private banker, Joanne (Candice Chiu). Yat Gor is one of the gangster group in Hong Kong. Fei Zai is a sushi chef and the person who contacts everyone to gather. He is living with his mute sister Tse Ka Sin 謝家倩 (Vivien Yeo) who has a crush on Yat Gor.

Initially, only 4 of them appears including Gwai Zai Qiang who is the first to die after he initial the confession to the police. None of them slept well since the day they bury the body and no one admit to the murder.

The murder

(left to right) Fei Zai, Chui Sui, Sam and Yat Gor.

The police identify the skeleton and passed on to Yuen Lai Ken aka Madam Yuen 阮麗瑾 (Mandy Wong) and her team. During the wake of Gwai Zai Qiang, the fifth person appears, the real estate agent Chui Sui (Aston Lam). With every new person appears (join the team of seven), the gang will suspect him.

While Madam Yuen is investigating, she found out that her dad Yuen Chuen 阮進 (Dominic Lam) is acting fishy. Apart from being the homeroom teacher of the seven boys, Yuen Chuen has a illegitimate son which is the one that was murdered 18 years ago.

More deaths

Tiger, the sixth person appear to join the gang and he told his wife everything that happened 18 years ago. The alpha A female wife turn the table around and blackmail the entire group in return for money and more.

Soon later, both Tiger and his wife lost their lives. The guys sit down to clear their own name and find out the links between all their friends’ death and it boils down to one answer. ‘Those who want to confess to the police end up dead.’

8th person

Finally found the missing seventh person Dan Ta 蛋撻 who is paralyzed and lying on the hospital bed since 2009. When the rest thinks that the seventh person is the one that commit murder 18 years ago, they thought that the case is closed after seeing him paralyzed on the bed.

Lost all his mobility and even speech due to an accident caused by the eighth person, the guys starts to get paranoid and try their best to remember who is that guy.

18年前杀人案出土旧友相聚商讨对策反添命案| 早报
Source: Zaobao

Overall, the beginning of the drama is interesting but when they slowly reveal the involved guys. After they found the 8th guy, it ended quick which I found it quite anti-climax.

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