Review: Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

Bulgasal Immortal Souls Kdrama

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy, Supernatural
Native title: 불가살
Original network: tvN, Netflix

The drama is based on a mysterious creature known as Bulgasal, they feed off human blood and are cursed to be immortals. Dan Hwal (Lee Jin Wook) turned into a Bulgasal during the Joseon Dynasty while working as a military official. Min Sang Un (Kwon Nara) was once a Bulgasal, but after she stole Dan Hwal’s soul, she died and was reincarnated as a human.

Overall, the production value is apparent with all the details in terms of makeup and props. The storyline is really confusing but still manage to keep you on the hook. 

Rating: 4/5

600 years ago

Dan Hwal was born when his mother hung herself on the tree. Known to the entire village that the baby is cursed by Bulgasal, the mother couldn’t take it and committed suicide. His father abandon him when he was 10 and Dan Hwal was being despised by everyone he sees.

Bulgasal The Cursed Kid

Dan Geuk (Jung Jin Young) took him in after he saved him from being killed by the villagers. He did not believe in the curse they claimed and gave him his name, Dan Hwal.

Dan Hwal marries Dan Geuk’s only daughter Dan Sol (Gong Seung Yeon) and they both have a blind young son and a stillborn. She blamed him for bringing misfortune to her children due to her curse and he mentioned that she was cursed as well.

Dan Sol is able to see people’s past from touching their palms, this scares people and made believe she is cursed to have that capability.

Turned into Bulgasal

Bulgasal 600 Years Ago

A machine trained to kill all living monsters, Dan Hwal set his mind to hunt down Bulgasal to end his curse. That faithful night, he lost his entire family and a female Bulgasal stabbed him, stole his soul. He promised his father to not drink human blood and he kept that promise for 600 years.

Bulgasal Turning Into One

Modern day

7th reincarnation, Min Sang Un is born as twins and she is the twin with no memories of what happened from the beginning of time. Her elder twin is smart but always told her about demons trying to kill her and bulgasal. She did not believe it until she witness it kill her twin and their mother.

Bulgasal Min Sang Un Young

Min Sang Un was shocked, terrified, and regret not believing her elder twin. Knowing that she has to hide until she found the sword that can kill Bulgasal. Took her younger sister Min Shi Ho to hide from place to place.

Decades later, Sang Un finally found the bulgasal that her sister told her about. She found Dan Hwal. Nam Do Yoon (Kim Woo Seok) is a teenager that ends up living as a freeloader in Dan Hwal’s house and is ordered to keep an eye on Sun Un whom he found and kept in a room.

Bulgalsal Ok Eul Tae

A misunderstanding is resolved and Sang Un realizes that Dan Hwal is the sword she is looking for. In the midst, they discover that Dan Hwal is not the only bulgasal alive, Ok Eul Tae (Lee Joon) is the one that killed Sang Un’s twin and mother.

Shi Ho was convinced and wanted to stick with her sister to protect her. Lee Hye Suk (Park Myung Shin) is a butcher who delivers and helps Dan Hwal stock up on his blood supply. She is now part of the family and the haunted house turns into somewhere cozy and livable.

However, they are still living secret life hiding from the world until they know how to put everything to an end.

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