Review: Childhood in a Capsule

Childhood In A Capsule Tvb 2022 Drama

Starring Samantha Ko Ling, Owen Cheng, Ruco Chan and many more. The light-hearted romantic comedy-drama begins when Amanda Lei (Samantha Ko) accidentally hit her head in Ding Yau Ching (Owen Cheng)’s bathroom and woke up as 8-year-old Tung Tung.

Childhood In A Capsule Accident That Changes Everything

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Contract Relationship, Business
Native Title: 童時愛上你
Original network: TVB

Premiere: 27 Jun 2022

Overall, the drama is well produced with a good balance of comedy and the key information the scriptwriters wants to deliver. The handpicked casts are a mixed of experienced actors and actresses from the TVB family. 

Overall: 4.5/5 
Storyline: 4/5
Cast: 5/5
Production Value: 4/5


Ding Yau Ching is better known as Ding Kor, a beauty KOL (in short for Key Opinion leader, also known as an influencer) who gain his fame by his vicious comments and throwing shades on products that do not work. Strongly against the idea of being paid or working with brands that will restrict his share of voice and ability to be true to himself.

Amanda Lei is a founder and CEO of a luxury beauty brand, on top of her successful career, she is also a candidate to succeed in her father’s empire in the real estate and investment scene.

Charlie is Amanda’s right and left-hand man that helps her with her business and knows that he is a double spy who works with her eldest brother for the throne. Despite that, she still trusts him to a certain extent. Charlie on the other hand is a smart guy that knows how to climb his corporate ladder and not allow others to sabotage it. The unrequited love for Amanda got drifted even further apart due to the accident.

Cross path again

One live streaming hosted by Ding Kor caught Amanda’s attention, he was defaming her product and dissuading buyers not to get an expensive yet not productive item in their shopping cart. Instead of firing a lawyer’s letter, Amanda got Charlie (Ruco Chan) to scout him as their brand ambassador.

Charlie did not manage to get Ding Kor on board, Amanda went to find him directly. One accident in Ding Kor’s bathroom changes everything. She woke up from the small accident and triggers her father and Charlie’s attention.

Childhood In A Capsule Motive Of Marriage

In order to hide the truth, Amanda’s father President Lei, offers Ding Kor $5 million to enter a fake marriage with her. At that point, Ding Yau Ching was left in debt caused by her younger brother. So he put down his pride and took up the offer to both babysit Tung Tung and marry her on paper.

Happy Marriage

Childhood In A Capsule Protecting Amanda

Tung Tung moved in with Ding Yau Ching and begin their new life together in hope that Amanda will regain her memories soon. They are monitored closely by both President Lei and Charlie through CCTV installed in the living room.

Ding Yau Ching discovered he fell for Tung Tung but holds it to himself as he knew that it is a wrong move and intention. Understand how to coax and motivate an 8-year-old, Tung Tung slowly trusts her husband and enjoys little things in life which include a new friend she made online.

Childhood In A Capsule Owen And Samantha Ko

Uno Reverse

Got bitten by a snake and struck by lightning. The second accident got Amanda and Tung Tung both exist at the same time, Amanda confessed her feelings toward Ding Yau Ching but both of them knew that the situation might be temporary as her condition and memories from Amanda comes in bits and pieces.

The possibility of full recovery is proposed by the principal doctor through brain surgery. Being persuaded to go for it, she woke up as Amanda and fully forgets everything that Tung Tung experienced and her feelings towards Ding Yau Ching.

Childhood In A Capsule Table Turned

How will their relationship get salvaged? Will she fall for him again?

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