Review: Crazy Love

Crazy Love Kdrama 2022

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Native title: 크레이지 러브
Original network: KBS, Disney+

The drama is set in the educational centre of South Korea, Seoul. GOTOP is the leading company in the education scene and the CEO of GOTOP Noh Go Jin (Kim Jae Wook) has his own fan-base of mainly high schoolers and parents. With that said, he do have sasaeng fans and anti fans that send him black mails and even receive death threats.

After a car accident, Go Jin woke up pretend to have amnesia and his secretary at the scene Lee Shin Ah (Krystal Jung) fake to be his fiance to be out of the suspect list.

Crazy Love Fighting
Overall, it is an enjoyable rom-com to catch up on. The balance of comedy and serious storyline is well planned and the romance between Kim Jae Wook and Krystal Jung is one to look forward to. 

Rating: 4/5

Cancer, revenge

None of Noh Go Jin’s secretary pass the 3 months mark, yet Lee Shin Ah pull through till 1 year working for him under tremendous stress. One day, she was diagnose with cancer and was informed by the doctor that her lifespan is at 6 months and the cause is the consistent stress she is going through.

Crazy Love Noh Go Jin And Lee Shin Ah

Want to live life without regret and bend her backs, she went to seek revenge right at the cause. Went to Noh Go Jin’s vacation mansion to release her anger. She saws him lying unconscious on the road outside the house and immediately called for help.

Fake it to make it

Thinking of getting even closer and take advantage of Noh Go Jin’s amnesia, she was taking care of him almost 24/7. Baek Soo Young (Yoo In Young) a chaebol and also Noh Go Jin’s first love is back in Korea and went to him immediately. From their encounter, it was definitely not a peaceful break up decade ago.

With the IQ of 190, Noh Go Jin did not cave in to reveal his condition until he investigate who is behind the wheel of that accident.

Crazy Love Lee Shin Ah 039 S Revenge On Noh Go Jin

The Mastermind

The 24/7 care taking allows them to see each other constantly and differently. Even though Go Jin suspect Shin Ah is the real mastermind, but he quickly ditched the thought after awhile and confirm his feelings after finding Shin Ah’s diary and her secret.

Shin Ah went back to the doctor’s to find out her cancer was a misdiagnosed. Many different emotions came to her, confused, happy but at the same time she regret the way she treated Go Jin. Went back and Go Jin reveal he was faking amnesia the whole time.

Crazy Love Package Explosive

After they confirmed their relationship, Noh Go Jin’s death threat and black mails did not end. With the help from Shin Ah, will he find the truth and why he/she/they hated him so much.

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