Review: Cute Programmer

Cute Programmer Cdrama Poster

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Business
Native title: 程序员那么可爱
Original network: Tencent Video

The drama revolves around the stereotype of female programmers. Lu Li (Bambi Zhu Xu Dan) was a lost student, after a course senior Jiang Yi Cheng (Xing Zhao Lin) went to campus to showcase more of the industry, she fell in love with him and set that as her dream job. From then on, she works towards the goal of entering his company to work.

Disguise as man

In order to enter the company as a programmer, she went on the last resort to disguise herself as a man. Industry known, Jiang Yi Cheng will never hire a female programmer due to some history he had. Based on her good academic and good performance, she entered the all-male program team as the youngest programmer.

Cuteprogrammer Lu Li And Chen Yi Ming
Chen Yi Ming teaches Lu Li how to make a cup of coffee. Cute Programmer

Batchmates, co-founder and best friend of Jiang Yi Cheng, Chen Yi Ming (Yi Da Qian) is an outstanding programmer in the industry as well as Lu Li’s idol. She feels very honored to work in the same company as him and did not hide her admiration towards him. Their relationship cause jealously from the Jiang siblings.

Jiang Zi Tong (Tian Yi Tong) is Yi Cheng’s youngest sister, someone that only knows how to shop and spend money. There’s only one clear goal for her is to become Yi Ming’s girlfriend. Having a one-sided crush on him before puberty starts.

Identity exposed

Cuteprogrammer Luli And Jiang Zi Tong
Zi Tong’s first day of work. Cute Programmer

Knowing her disguise means she is living dangerously at work, fearing of any time any day her female identity will be exposed and lose her job. However, Yi Ming accidentally discovers Lu Li’s real identity but chose to keep a secret for her.

Cuteprogrammer Identity Exposed
Yi Ming help Lu Li to keep her secret. Cute Programmer

Contract Marriage

D-Day is here, she was exposed and everyone knows her real identity. Yi Cheng gave her the last chance to hand over work and leave the company after 7 days.

Jiang Yi Cheng is an individual with a super high level of confidence, born with a silver spoon, he insist of having his own career but still lives off his father’s investment in the company. Having said that, he went to multiple matchmaking sessions but none of them pass to the 2nd date.

Cuteprogrammer Just Married
Yi Cheng and Lu Li went to register for marriage. Cute Programmer

Yi Cheng’s mother is getting impatient when he shows a little more interest in the mysterious matchmake lady, her mother went all out to find out more. They entered a contract marriage for a year. Lu Li did not confess her love, but she want to be a secret protector. In return, Lu Li wanted her job back and Yi Cheng agree to it.

The Ex return with motive

Li Man (Shen Lang Xin) return to the country and reappear in front of Jiang Yi Cheng after ditching him for money and betraying him at work 3 years ago. She is the potential investor that Yi Cheng was looking forward to working with but did not expect the person in charge to be her.

To spike her, Yi Cheng discloses his relationship with Lu Li in the office. That is when Lu Li understands his real reason for freezing hiring female programmers.

However, she did not stop and even became their biggest problem.

Overall, I love the storyline, the acting, and the other 2 supporting roles’ relationship lines.