Review: Dali and the Cocky Prince

Dali And The Cocky Prince Featuring Kim Min Jae Park Gyu Young

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Art, Business
Native title: 달리와 감자탕
Original network: KBS

The romantic comedy drama between Don Don F&B director Jin Moo Hak and an art curator Kim Dal Ri (Park Gyu Young). Dal Ri inherited Chungsong Art Museum after her dad suddenly passed away. Jin Moo Hak (Kim Min Jae) is one of the creditor that lends $2 million to her dad for sustaining the operation of the art gallery. Now he wants to get back the money.

Love at first sight

Dal Ri mistaken Moo Hak as the Mr. Jin she supposed to pick up at the airport at Netherlands. It became a beautiful mistake but when they realised that they are picked up and picked by the wrong person, they laugh it off.

Moo Hak offended his father and got his card cut off. Nowhere to go, Dali took him in for a night and in return, he cooked dinner for them. They spent a magical night together and romance bubbles was formed.

Daliandthecockyprince Goldwatch

Sudden death

News of the sudden death shook Dal Ri, her heart drop immediately when she bid goodbye to Moo Hak in Netherlands. Flew immediately back to South Korea, Moo Hak assumed that she is a scammer and even regret giving her his most expensive watch.

The cause of death was written as ‘cardiac arrest’ but there is a story behind it which was witness by Moo Hak’s step brother. Yet, he chose to keep silent.

Dal Ri’s father is a reputable and notable figure in the country. The news of his death creates a buzz and flood of reporters went to take the latest news.

Debtor and creditor

Daliandthecockyprince Debt Collector

Moo Hak once lend $20 million won to the museum and the news of the founder’s death worries him. He took a group of Don Don F&B’s employee, dressed as gangsters and stomp to the museum to demand them to return the money.

The profit losing company is not anywhere capable to pay him back, Dal Ri inherited everything with a credit figure. Reunited in the most awkward situation, Moo Hak became Dal Ri’s creditor and also a key figure in the museum to ensure revenue flows in.

Landlord and tenant

To save the museum, Dal Ri chose to sell the only asset that her late father left. Dal Ri became homeless, lost but lucky a close older brother took her in. Won Tak (Hwang Hee) was a troubled teen but after the Kims saved him, he became a police officer now.

Daliandthecockyprince New Tenant

Since Moo Hak is the landlord, he lives in the same building as Won Tak. One round and Dal Ri became his tenant without his knowledge.

Overall, this is a nice rom-com with the only mystery of the person behind Dal Ri’s father’s death. The chemistry between Gyu Young and Min Jae is there and translated to the small screen.

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