Review: Dating in the Kitchen

Dating in the Kitchen, CDrama.

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Cooking, Business

Native Title: 我, 喜欢你
Original network: Tencent Video

Dating in the Kitchen is about romance bubbling between a 21-year-old kitchen help Gu Sheng Nan (Rosy Zhao Lu Si) and a sharp-tongue CEO Lu Jin (Lin Shen). Sheng Nan is a little helper in a 5-star hotel backend kitchen, she is talented in cooking yet was not given the platform to express herself through dishes.

An accident in the kitchen led to her only fried rice creation served on a silver plate to Lu Jin. That dish came as a surprise to him and he change his thoughts of buying over the hotel.

Testing Shengnan's skills. Dating in the Kitchen.
Testing Shengnan’s skills. Dating in the Kitchen.

Destroying and compensating

Sheng Nan destroy Lu Jin’s ferrari due to an misunderstanding. That is when they first met face to face. After Lu Jin found out his favorite chef in the hotel is her, he starts to pick on her but indirectly expand her creativity.

Shengnan became Lu Jin's private chef. Dating in the Kitchen.
Shengnan became Lu Jin’s private chef. Dating in the Kitchen.

Comical events led to Lu Jin being warded due to food poisoning. Sheng Nan lost her job at the hotel and now owe Lu Jin huge amount of compensation fees. She end up became Lu Jin’s private chef.

Flirting and falling

Dating In The Kitchen Flirting

The frequency of them seeing each other increases and each time they draw closer. Slowly they fell for each other and living in the pink bubble. The precious moment ended quickly when CEO is call back to work and face the reality.

The adult world

Being Called In To Humiliate Dating In The Kitchen
Being called in to humiliate. Dating in the Kitchen.

Being one of the biggest boss in the corporate world, Lu Jin’s mother is very strict about his efficiency at work. She felt that the 21 year old jumpy girl can never fit Lu Jin. The simple dinner between family became the stage for Lu Jin’s mother to humiliate Sheng Nan in front of the higher management.

Dating In The Kitchen Catching Mastermind

Sheng Nan’s career growth increase tremendously and that triggers the jealously from the head chef. He caved in and sabotaged Sheng Nan’s dish she needs to present before the stakeholders.

Cheng Zi Qian (Fingal Fu) is the General Manager of the hotel and also Sheng Nan’s neighborhood elder brother join force with Lu Jin to catch the mastermind that switch out the dish.

Half brother appearance

Sheng Nan And Lu Zheng First Meet In The Hospital Dating In The Kitchen
Sheng Nan and Lu Zheng first meet in the hospital. Dating in the Kitchen.

While the busy Lu Jin is away for several business trip, Sheng Nan’s only grandpa collapse and sent to the hospital. Lu Zheng (Yu Xiang)’s father chance upon the family eagerly waiting for available bed in the hospital.

Ordered and Sheng Nan’s grandpa stayed the next ward. She met Lu Zheng in the hallway while staying in the hospital and found another friend which she later know he is Lu Jin’s half brother and their complicated family relationship.

Dating In The Kitchen Paying Discrepency

Innocent Sheng Nan will face countless bad wolves trying to hurt her in order to get it to Lu Jin. Will they survive till the end?

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