Review: Death by Zero

Death by Zero TVB Drama poster

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Native Title: 殺手
Original network: TVB

The drama is about the world of assassins, Overbeck and the types of assassins available in the market that commoners can hire. Zero (Moses Chan) needed a second pair of hands and start the hiring process where he will meet Cash (Ali Lee) his new assistant. However, Cash did not start off as an assistant but hired as the full timer for Zero’s cafe.

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Every assassin need to follow the rules by Overbeck and their leader Sophia (Helena Law Lan). Yen Wang (Wayne Lai), Zero, and Nana aka Dark Angel (Katy Kung) are the main assassins under Overbeck and they clinch jobs through the respective managers.

Cleaning job after the ‘deal’ is done will be by Lam Sum Sum (Samantha Ko) and her cousin Zhui Miao Miao (Kayee Tam). Sum Sum will have love interest with an assassin Zero and policeman Yuk Fong (Ng Yip Kwan).

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Not hitting off

Cash started reporting to the cafe for work, but things are not going well between her and Zero. The main reason that Zero hire her is because he want to court her friend Sum Sum. Of course, she did not know the real identity of Zero until an accident in Taiwan.


In order to fulfill her promise to her son to go America for student exchange, Cash took on the job to deliver a vase to Taiwan. The deal was as scam and she was sent there as a scapegoat. Just nice, she bump into Zero and he saved him and got his identity exposed.

Assassin assistant

Cash, live up to her name, she wants to earn more money and since she know Zero’s real job, she wants to get the share of his pie. Cash started working for him as an assistant and after which she discover her roommate cum best friends’ real job as well.


Maybe because they go through a lot together, Zero start to develop feelings for the least prettiest girl in town. They got together but decide to hide from the rest, especially Sum Sum since Cash did badmouth Zero in front of Sum Sum during their courtship.

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Overbeck‘s leader Sophia got to know Cash and understand that she is helping Zero as an assistant. Cash asked her to teach her something so that she will not be a burden to Zero during operation. Sophia see her potential and bring her into darts.

Other assassins

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Yen Wang and Dark Angel are signed and managed by the same manage. Their fate did not end there. Dark Angel discover that her late boyfriend heart was donated to Yen Wang.

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Yen Wang reunited with her daughter Megan (Louisa Mak) with the help of the prostitute friend Yiu Suk Haan Lulu (Elena Kong). Lulu enter the industry to raise fast money for her sick husband. Megan lost her sight and her mother after people seek revenge targeting Yen Wang.

Turn psycho

Megan is a pianist and have been learning a living by teaching piano and tuning it. She met Parker (Brian Tse) after doing countless tuning at his massive house. Parker is young and rich, innocent and raise by his uncle after his parents pass away.

Having such a big listed company, they are eyed by a ruthless triad boss Chu Cheung Faat (Lee Shing Cheong). They killed his uncle right before his eyes and left the body there. Being the puppet for him changes his mentality.

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Parker and Megan fell in love and got married. However, Parker is not the Parker she knew. Parker kill people as a hobby and things got out of hand.

If you love action, there are plenty of it here. The drama makes me feel strongly that life is fragile, really fragile.