Review: Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Music

Native title: 도도솔솔라라솔
Original network: KBS, Netflix

The romantic-comedy drama is about Goo La La (Go Ara) who is an optimist despite the multiple difficult situations that she was caught into. After her father’s sudden death, the family’s empire and wealth hit rock bottom.

Lala is a city girl living in a mansion like a princess, she moved away to a small village Eunpo where she met a mysterious man. Sun Woo Joon (Lee Jae Wook) is a guy living day-by-day with multiple part-time jobs with no goal.

Move to Eunpo

Lala packed her luggage and moved to Eunpo with her dog Mimi after she was cheated on by a real estate agency and left penniless (only her car and belongings). Upon reaching Eunpo, her car crashed into Joon’s bicycle and she was sent to the hospital.

Dodosolsollalasol Hit Rock Bottom

No money and inconvenient to live by herself, she masked her courage to ask Joon to take care of her and her bills. Surprisingly, Joon agrees to her request and took on even more jobs just to lend Lala money.

Lala Land

Lala graduated from piano ever and did not want to touch the one thing that grew up with her. But after the little play at the gardens of Eunpo, she found the purpose of playing a piano.

Dodosolsollalasol Piano Tears

Living alone in an old flower shop, Joon brings Lala back to his place as she has nowhere else to go. Neighbour hair salon shop owner’s daughter Jin Ha Young (Shin Eun Soo) is a high school girl who has a crush on Joo. Knowing that another girl is going to stay with her crush, she convinced her mother to rent a room to Lala.

Lala settled her accommodation and live together with Ha Young and her mother Jin Sook Kyung (Ye Ji Won). To earn a living and pay back Joo, she opened a piano school and Joon name it ‘Lala Land’ at the remodeled flower shop.

Mysterious Dodosolsollalasol

The IG owner of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is a the person that show Lala’s way to Eunpo and also gave her the grand piano to start her piano school. However, Lala has no idea who this person is and want to find out.

Joon on the other hand is always on the run from men in suits, he took on jobs that doesn’t requires identification recognition. Nowhere to stay in Seoul, he decide to leave for Eunpo.

Who is the account holder and supporter of Lala? What is Joon running away from?

Dodosolsollalasol Piano Duet
Joon and Lala playing a piano duet. Do do sol sol la la sol.

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  1. Heartwarming and loving. The main characters were so sweet, kept you wanting more. I liked the surprises about their past and how they met. Had similarities of the movie Chocolate, but more upbeat and they showed the relationship growing thru out. The ending was perfect, I didn’t want him to die, they both deserved each other and happiness. The writers could have had RaRa in denial of his death and have several clues of face cream appearing out of nowhere, plants being watered, suspecting Mother having no funeral, and the tea cup missing. This would have prepared us for the ending. RaRa innocence and optimism could have pulled it off, being in denial about his death and knowing one day he would return. This would have made it more realistic. But I was so glad he didn’t die, I didn’t care. I enjoyed this cute, loving movie. The cast was perfect, the music, the child prodigy and RARA & Jun. Thanks for a great series.

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