Review: Encounter


Finally ended…

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance
Original network: tvN

Original title: 남자친구 (which literally translate to Boyfriend)

I did my first impression for the first four (4) episodes here. Really fast how time passes and it is the end of another drama.

Takeaway from this drama

All the vibe I get from this drama is the inner struggle of doing what’s right and doing what you like.

It will be tough to only do what is right in the eye of public since they are not you, there’s only you that will be spending the lifetime yourself.

Finally letting go and live the life you love is more important than pleasing everyone. If the person loves you, they will let you go and do what you like, support you.

The Cast

I have to mention my favorite shop in the drama, the Moon Snails restaurant team. That restaurant showcase Jin Hyuk’s friends and one of the most comfortable place they like to hang out apart from the Playground and Tea place.

My favorite supporting role, Jin Myung (acted by Pyo Jihoon, also known as P.O. from Block B). Wish his appearance can be more than what was produced, and it will be good if they showcase his love line or rather I feel that he has a crush on Jin Hyuk’s childhood friend, Joo Hye In (acted by Soo Nee).

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Jin Myung (acted by Pyo Jihoon), Jin Hyuk’s younger brother. credits: @tVNDrama


Favorite Scene

Beach games, this happened way before they are together. That is when you know she is capable to smile, laugh and have fun. Removing the mask of being the CEO of Donghwa hotel.

Review Encounter

Definitely, the countdown party, XOXO in the balcony of the Donghwa Hotel. This touching scene was a built up since Jin Hyuk was sent to another hotel out of Seoul.

Review Encounter

The Drunk Jin Hyuk vs the Drunk Soo Hyun. Drunk Jin Hyuk was in the 2nd episode but drunk Soo Hyun is not what I’m expecting. However, it is nice to see her drunk as well.

Review Encounter

The Ending

I love how the drama ends by telling you what happened to the rest of the cast, which includes all the main supporting roles. Really appreciate this from the producers and scriptwriters.

Review Encounter

It is a fairy tale like ending, I will not say it is a fancygrand ending. It is more down-to-earth simple love ending which is also another form of happily ever after.

Review Encounter


Even though the drama is really focusing on the couple, the support roles does stand out to me. They each have a role in the drama which directly or indirectly affect the main leads’ character and development.

Apart from the political portion in the drama, the rest are really nice. However, if you are looking for intense love, this might not be your cup of tea.

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔🥔

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