Review: Ending Again

Playlist Studio's Ending Again Web drama 2020.

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Romance, Web Drama, Contract Relationship

Native title: 또한번 엔딩
Original network: Playlist Studio

Ending Again is the third sequel from Flower Ever After and Best Ending. We have cameo from Jung Gun Joo as Choi Woong, Choi Hee Jin as Go Min Chae and Kim Min Jong as Go Min Chang.

The drama is about two people entering a contractual marriage to be eligible to receive the government financial support for Newlyweds. After Chan In Young (Jo Soo Min) broke up with her 8 years boyfriend, she decided not to think about marriage. She met Do Yoon Soo (Kim Geon Won) who is an outcast in school and they agree to the marriage and begin their roommate status.

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Backtrack a little…

The breakup

In Young’s first love lasted 8 years and she though it was going to be forever. Yoo Chan Hee (Kang Hui) first confessed to her when they were 18, told her he will marry her 10 years later. Fast forward to 8 years, Chan Hee broke her heart.

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He chose to study abroad and focus solely on studies, not even giving her the shot to go on Long Distance.

1 year later

Heart broken, In Young told her friends that her ideal relationship is DAS (dating after sex). After a school reunion, she woke up beside Yoon Soo the next day. Things get awkward between both of them, In Young realized she is not capable to be in DAS situation.

Real estate agent scammed her deposit money, she was left homeless and can no longer afford to pay for another deposit. She resort to finding different government grants and funds.

New roommate/ husband

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In Young paste a notice in the campus to find a husband. Yoon Soo saw it and approached her. They settle the license on the same day and soon move into together, but in different rooms.

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In Young work as a intern curator and her favorite artist is the next project.Turns out, the artist is a male and is her ex-boyfriend. He came back to South Korea and now a successful artist.

Yoon Soo’s secret

There is a reason why Yoon Soo agree to enter into the marriage. He want to take revenge on Chan Hee but also, he start to fall for In Young. What will happen when In Young know the secret? Why Yoon Soo plot the revenge against Chan Hee?

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This web drama’s production value is better than most, really good short drama that worth the 3-4 hours of watching.

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