Review: Extracurricular

Netfix - Extracurricular

No. of episodes: 10
Genre: School, Dark, Thriller, Action

Native title: 인간수업
Original network: Netflix

After school’s club, the extracurricular is not the pure hobby in this drama. Three high school students who start committing crimes to earn money but face potential danger that might threaten life as well.


Oh Ji Soo (Kim Dong Hee) is an average Joe, almost invisible at school even with his perfect academy score. His parents’ divorce and struggling to maintain a living all by himself. To earn money to pay for the tuition fees, rental etc, he starts a business and dips into a dark life.

Using technology he set up a security system that helps to protect prostitutes from pervert clients. Earning good money and he saves up with the ultimate aim to leave his crime for good and start this own family. Lee Wang Cheol (Choi Min Soo) is the fighter that works for Ji Soo but he has no idea of his real identity and everyone addresses Ji Soo as ‘Uncle’.

Oh Ji Soo, Bae Gyu Ri fight. Extracurricular.
Oh Ji Soo, Bae Gyu Ri fight. Extracurricular.

However, things got out of hand when Bae Gyu Ri (Park Joo Hyun) starts to participate in the business. Blackmail Ji Soo to get herself in the business. Gyu Ri is a popular girl in school, she is born with a silver spoon but hated her luxurious life at home.

School bully

Min Hee face pervert client alone. Extracurricular
Min Hee face pervert client alone. Extracurricular

Seo Min Hee (Jung Da Bin ) is an underage prostitute after school, she is one of the women that Ji Soo’s business protects. Min Hee earns more money to maintain her relationship with Kwak Ki Tae (Nam Yoon Su), the school’s bully.

Min Hee really likes him and he hooked up with her thinking that she came from a wealthy family. When Min Hee’s dark identity almost exposed, Ji Soo came forward multiple times to save her. That knight act triggers Ki Tae to aim him to bully.

Ki Tae pick on Ji Soo as his new target. Extracurricular
Ki Tae pick on Ji Soo as his new target. Extracurricular

Out of hand

Ji Soo has a crush on Gyu Ri, when she start to get closer to him, he was distracted from the business. Gyu Ri found out his secrets and want in. Ji Soo’s father Oh Jung Jin (Park Ho San) stole all of his money and in order to move forward in life, he let Gyu Ri in with the money she invest to restart it.

Gyu Ri wanted to expand the business, more people start to get curious about the real identity of ‘Uncle’ and start to dig for more information.

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