Review: Fake Princess (2020)

Fake princess china drama

No. of episodes: 27
Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 山寨小萌主
Original network: iQiyi, Mango TV

The drama is about a mountain bandit Chang Le (Eleanor Lee) enter the palace to marry the Crown Prince Li Che (Zhao Yi Qin) using another identity Liu Yu Yao. To make sure her entire clan will be release safely from the government, Chang Le agree to be Liu Yu Yao for 3 months.


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Let’s rewind a little before everything happens. The real Liu Yu Yao commit suicide after knowing that her grandfather Liu Sheng and father plot the murder of the person she love. Just when they are having headaches on the arranged marriage to Crown Prince, her grandfather saw Chang Le who looks identical to her.

Two sides in politics

There is the queen, Empress Liu (Zhang Xin Ning) clan against her official but not biological son the Crown Prince clan. Marrying Yu Yao to Li Che thinking of adding her blood to the enemy side, not knowing that Chang Le did not know much about Yu Yao and the background.

Just married

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It is definitely not those ‘fall in love’ before marriage, Li Che has to marry Liu Yu Yao as the King’s order. Knowing that his bride is from the opposite side, he want to prevent the wedding but failed.

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Li Che starts to bring her around while he do investigations, games and other activities to see and observe her. Slowly, they fell in love with each other through everything they face together.

Identity revealed

Li Che know Yu Yao is the bandit Chang Le and want to keep it a secret since he love her. However while saving him from assassins her identity was exposed. Li Che’s grandfather caught Chang Le in the family dungeon and start to drill for truth.

Even if Chang Le told him everything, Li Che’s grandfather did not believe and order to kill. Li Che witness everything and begs for her survival even if it will cost his title as the Crown Prince.

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Neighbour country’s 3rd princess

Ah Li Ai Yi (Song Fang Yuan) is the third princess and the King’s most precious child from their neighbour country came to visit with motive. Since young, she sets the goal of marrying Li Che.

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After knowing that Li Che has a wife, she did not stop there. Pester the crown prince to bring her travel around the country which he did. However, Li Che has another motive and Ah Li Ai Yi knew it and start to help him and Chang Le out.

Misunderstand turn backs

The 5th Prince Li Heng (Garvey Jin) is the biological son to the Empress Liu and she always wanted to push him to be the crown prince which is currently the place for 3rd Prince Li Che.

Love at first sight, he fell for Duan Nian Er who is from the Duan Family which stands on the Crown Prince side. Finally confirmed each other and decided to elope but was caught back to the palace by his grandfather in disguise.

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Caught back to hell and witness his love marrying off as a concubine to his father, the King. He grew from the playful innocent prince to one that contain only revenge.

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Love the build up of the drama which is rare for me to say that historical drama is nice.

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