Review: Falling Into Your Smile

Falling In Your Smile Cdrama

No. of episodes: 31
Genre: Romance, Comedy, E-sports, Gaming

Native title: 你微笑时很美
Original network: Tencent Video, Youku

The drama is set in the competitive world of e-sport, a gaming environment with all-male competitive players. ZGDX team hired their first female player and also the industry’s first competitive female player Tong Yao aka Smiling (Chen Xiao).

Tong Yao entered their training camp to replace Yu Ming (Yalkun Merxat) and he became the coach for the team. A new member enters, not everyone is convinced, for example, the MVP player and also leader of ZGDX Lu Si Cheng aka Chessman (Xu Kai).

The team

Of course, there are many teams in the industry but there are only a few key teams and members you need to know.

Falling Into Your Smile Team Zgdx
Falling Into Your Smile – Team ZGDX

ZGDX is one of the strongest teams compete as a finalist. With their leader Chessman, along with Yu Jin Le aka Pang (Sun Kai), Lao K (Gao Han), Lao Mao aka Cat (Kevin Xiao Kai Zhong), and the latest addition Tong Yao aka Smiling. With their invisible hidden player Lu Yue aka Lv (Zeawo Yao Chi), coach Yu Ming and their manager Xiao Rui (Cui Shao Yang).


Tong Yao’s news of joining as competitve gamer triggers the whole world, especially her ex-boyfriend Jian Yang aka Sunflower (Zhai Xiao Wen) from CK team. He assume that she joined the industry to gain his attention and also doubt her skills.

Fallingintoyoursmile Smilingandsunflower Exrelationship
Tong Yao explaining her relationship with Jian Yang to Lu Si Cheng. Falling Into Your Smile

The conversation they had behind the stage was overheard by Lu Si Cheng. After Tong Yao joined the team, he start to discover her potential as a competitve gamer and slowly train her to be a competitve player.

Chen Jin Yang (Rachel Wang Ruo Shan) is Tong Yao’s best friend, born with silver spoon and outside the circle. Her relationship with another ace player Ai Jia aka Aico (Zhou Yi Ran) as well as Tong Yao entering the industry slowly pull her into it as well.

Convinced and togetherness

Fallingintoyoursmile Training
Training begins. Falling Into Your Smile

Lao K was scouted into the team by Yu Ming and with Tong Yao replacing him, he is the last to accept her in ZGDX. Even though Tong Yao is skilled as a player, she lacks the knowledge and the dos and donts to be a competitive player.

She is a figure to prove that female can also be in the circle and do competitive gaming. Through the training, the unwavered Lu Si Cheng found himself slowly drawn to her charisma.

Fallingintoyoursmile Smiling Firstlive
Tong Yao’s first live stream as a competitive gamer. Falling into Your Smile

Overall, it is a good drama that have charactes growth and the graphics and animation used and drawn into it makes it enjoyable to watch.

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