Review: Find Me in Your Memory (2020)

Find me in your memory

No. of episodes: 32 (each episode is 30 mins)
Genre: News, Romance

Native Title: 그 남자의 기억법
Original network: MBC

Man I did not expect this drama to be so good that I look forward to it weekly and now we are at the beautiful goodbye.

The drama revolves around a man, Lee Jeong Hoon (Kim Dong Wook) with hyperthymesia which is an ability to remember every single details that happened in his life, and a woman, Yeo Ha Jin (Moon Ga Young) who has forgotten the most important part of her life.

Jeong Hoon is a reliable news anchor who has the highest ratings. His soft visuals might fool you but he is aggressive when it comes to interviewing other party. Staying single by choice after his first love Seo Yeon left him due to a tragic incident that scar him.

Cross path

Jeong Hoon cross path with the rising actress Yeo Ha Jin through an interview. Despite the history of his interviewing tactics, Ha Jin isn’t afraid to sit beside him and deal with the questions thrown to her. The similarities between Ha Jin and Seo Yeon struck Jeong Hoon.

Couple only onscreen

Jeong Hoon’s superior want to apologies and thank Ha Jin after the interview, she treat her with a meal but left first. The paparazzi photographed Jeong Hoon and Ha Jin together and rumors starts to spread like wild fire.

Review Find Me In Your Memory 2020

To protect her career, and her bias because she really is interested they agree to have a relationship in the public eyes and create a break up reason a few months later.

Psycho stalker

STALKER ALERT! Ha Jin did not give much thoughts in when a stalker starts to strike as she believe is just some sasaeng fan (사생팬 – obessive fan who stalks and invade privacy of the celebrity). When Jeong Hoon found out, the series of act trigger the memory where Seo Yeon was kidnap by a man and was killed after.

Review Find Me In Your Memory 2020

Things that the stalker did went overboard and start to scare her. Slowly, Jeong Hoon starts to develop feelings for her and also mapped out why she is so forgetful. The condition she has is not by choice but losing her best friend who happens to be his first love, Seo Yeon.

On the other hand

Review Find Me In Your Memory 2020

Yeo Ha Kyung (Kim Seul Gi) is Ha Jin’s younger sister and also her manager. She sacrifices her life to protect her sister after the painful lost of her best friend. Ever since Seo Yeon left, Ha Kyung vow to protect her sister no matter what.

Review Find Me In Your Memory 2020

Ha Kyung cross path with Jo Il Kwon (Lee Jin Hyuk) who is almost the right-hand guy to Jeong Hoon. Il Kwon is a reporter that respects and treat Jeong Hoon like his brother. Both of them meet up often because of Ha Jin and Jeong Hoon.

Started real dating

Review Find Me In Your Memory 2020

The miracle hospital rooftop seal the deal, Jeong Hoon and Ha Jin is officially dating. Even though Jeong Hoon knew that Ha Jin will be hurt once she remembers Seo Yeon, but he want to brace it through with her and protect her.

Review Find Me In Your Memory 2020

Seeing them together will also create butterflies. How they support each other’s career and being a strong motivation pillar in life.

She remembers

Review Find Me In Your Memory 2020

This is definitely not a surprise but the process of how and what triggers her to remember is a journey. Ha Jin fell back into her off-form and depressed state, felt sorry for forgetting her best friend and blame herself for the misfortune that landed on her.

From here to here, you will have to watch it yourself.

Review Find Me In Your Memory 2020

For those who love Yeo Ha Jin, Moon Ga Young actually maintain the Instagram account for her @yeohajin__. Love this couple, the way they look at each other…

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