Review: Find Yourself

Find Yourself Drama poster

No. of episodes: 41
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native title: 下一站是幸福
Original network: Netflix, Hunan TV

I would say, this is one of the China idol drama (C-drama) that I really enjoy watching! It took me by surprised during the mid-drama after episode 20 which made me look forward to it more.

Review Find Yourself

He Fan Xing (Victoria Song) is an 32 years old woman who has a stable career but remains single for her life. She developed feelings for the intern Yuan Song (Song Wei Long) who works in the same office and he does like her.

Probation period

They entered into a secret relationship with probation of 3 months after Fan Xing decide to ‘go for it‘ yet still reserve. Fan Xing’s first love is Yuan Song and she really enjoy the entire dating life with him until she found out that he might be leaving to study abroad.


The break up

The 41 episodes drama will have a time where they will break up since they started dating really early into the drama.

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At their 3 months’ mark, instead of announcing their dating, Fan Xing decide to break his heart during the college dance party. Yuan Song believe that she is ‘stepping on two boats’ with Ye Lu Ming (David Wang) but still can’t forget about her.

The twist

One time when Yuan Song met up with Cai Min Min (Esther Yu), he realized that she is Ye Lu Ming’s niece and start to thread all the conversations and events together. He knew everything was plot and scheme by Ye Lu Ming and decide to woo Fan Xing back using his method.


Bubble another romance

After Yuan Song rejected Min Min’s confession during her birthday, her heart was broken but soon she found another person. Fan Xing’s twin brother, He Can Yang (Zhang Yu Jian) is the teacher of Min Min, yet she realize that she is in love with him.

Min Min finally convinced Can Yang to start with her but they have to keep their relationship underground due to their role in school. Can Yang is player and the headache to his parents, however, we can see how different he is while he is with Min Min.


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Complicated relationship

After Fan Xing broke up with Yuan Song, she cave in to reality and start another relationship with Lu Ming, the suitable one. Fan Xing’s twin brother is dating Lu Ming’s niece, Min Min. Things get so complicated and even imagining the future possible scene makes him go crazy.

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To add even more complications, Yuan Song’s father Steve is Lu Ming’s best friend. After knowing the fact, Steve stop being friend with him after remembering all the schemes he came up with to steal his son’s girlfriend.

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Can’t force

Fan Xing forced herself to fall for Lu Ming to the point that she want to get married because her father fell sick. The entire relationship with him was escalated in a different way, first is meeting friends to relatives and parents’ meeting.

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End up, they raise white flag after Lu Ming discover the little notebook to show how much Fan Xing is suffering.

Mature relationship

After Fan Xing and Yuan Song’s breakup, both slowly understand what happened and really think from other’s angle.

Fan Xing went to woo Yuan Song back and will wait for him to finish his study abroad. They became madly in love yet motivated at the same time. #couplegoals

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