Review: Fist Fight [兄弟]


No. of episodes: 30 
Genre: Action 

Original network: TVB
Air period: 12 November – 23 December 2018 

The Cast

Main Brothers: Vincent Wong (as Cheung Fei Fan, Fever), Matt Yeung Ming (as Ha Tin Hang, Leo), Philip Ng (as Ho Tit Nam, Iron)

The female leads includes; Karman Kong (as Sitting), Rebecca Zhu (as Yeung Ching Ching), Tiffany Lau (as Chan Ling, Zero)

The love-line is rather clear to me, since their stories are happening separately. 

  • Fever and Sitting 
  • Leo (personal bodyguard employed) and Zero (inspired female fighter)
  • Iron and Ching Ching (Interpool)

Personal opinion, I prefer Philip Ng’s performance in another drama as he gave the awkward acting vibe in his role as Iron. Either that or this role does not fit him. 

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credits: TVB Anywhere FB


Until episode 9, I feel like the drama is rather draggy and I don’t get the point or message that the scriptwriter wants to convey. 

After you pull through until episode 20, things makes more sense. The three brothers comes together at the end and now I understand that the dark web is the ultimate villain. 


*scroll away if you don’t want to be spoiled*

I am actually amazed by how many people got killed off the show. First is Iron, Oily, Stone, Double… But I guess that helps to flavor the main lead’s story. 

The ending of Fever and Sitting… just don’t really make sense. Suddenly appear in London when she disappeared in Hong Kong. 

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔

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