Review: Flower Ever After

Flower Ever After web drama by Playlist studio

No. of episodes: 10
Genre: Romance, Web Series

Native title: 이런 꽃 같은 엔딩
Original network: Playlist Studio

The drama is about 2 couples and things start to change when Han So Young (Lee Ho Jung) enter into the picture. The short web drama focus on relationships between different age groups and how things will change with marriage is a topic that came in between them.

1-year vs 7-year relationship

Choi Woong and Min Chae

Choi Woong (Jung Gun Joo) and Go Min Chae (Choi Hee Jin) is a young couple that started since college days, 7 years of relationship with 3 years of co-living.

Ji Hyo and Hyun Soo

Yoo Hyun Soo (Kang Hoon) and Gong Ji Hyo (Ahn Shin Eun) is a one year couple of a marriageable age. Han So Yeong (Lee Ho Jung) is a newcomer in HR department that reports to Hyun Soo and secretly has a crush on him.

Own obstacles

Both couples each will go through their own obstacle based on the duration of the relationship and also the problem that they will face in the society based on age group.

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Source: Chosun

At the end of the series, one couple will call it quits and another couple will walk down the lane to begin their married life. While the story might end here for them, we have a sequel series focusing on Choi Woong and Min Chae in The Best Ending.