Review: Forget you, Remember Love (2020)

Forget you, Remember Love (2020) drama poster

No. of episodes: 38
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 忘记你,记得爱情
Original network: Mango TV, Tencent Video

This drama is a remake/ upgraded version of the hit Taiwan idol drama, Prince Turn to Frog in 2005. The skeleton of the drama story is pretty similar but we have new characters which make perfect sense to add on.

The drama can feel really draggy and possibly cut down to 20 episodes instead of 38. You can speed watch after episode 15 until it gets back on track after 32.

Saving life

Shan Jun Hao (Garvey Jin) is the General Manager and biggest stakeholder of a hotel chain company, Senwell, he is cold and almost heartless when it comes to work and will fire any employee who falls behind immediately.

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Senwell’s biggest project is to buy and revamp the entire Guanmei Fishing Village into a tourist destination with luxury hotels and attraction. He went to Guanmei to experience and observe the current scene but fell into the sea and was saved by Ye Qian Yu (Fair Xing).

Life in Guanmei Fishing Village

Qian Yu moved to the village after her mother’s death and pretty much grew up there with the care of her stepmother Chen Jin Zhi (Joyce Zhao) and young stepbrother. The family of three runs a provision shop and do odd jobs to save every penny to pay off her dad’s debt.

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To be straightforward, Qian Yu is very money-minded.

Here comes Tai Zhu (Cavan Wen), a tourist that stays in Guanmei Hotel and also the only guest with a hidden identity. Qian Yu want to earn extra cash and say she will be his tour guide and bring him around Guanmei.

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They are mutually attracted while touring around. However, this stops when Tong Hao appear in Qian Yu’s life.

Memory lost Shan Jun Hao

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On his way to his engagement party, he met a car accident and wake up with no memory of who he is. He bumped into the Qian Yu’s family and since he left a fake identity before, Qian Yu thought that his name is Tong Hao.

Tong Hao lives with them and work for them to pay off his so-called money he owed Qian Yu. Slowly, Tong Hao develop feelings for Qian Yu and the feelings grew mutual.


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Tong Hao saved Qian Yu like a knight at her friend’s party and that marks their romantic yet short relationship. Tai Zhu found out his identity and told Xu Zi Qian (Le Zheng Jun) who is his closest friend/family.

Painful goodbye

Qian Yu found his real identity and decide let him reunite with his real family. Tong Hao loves the way he lives and did not want to change a single bit, but he was unknowingly lead to the house by Qian Yu.

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While chasing her, he was hit by a car and memory was reversed back. He totally forget his time in Guanmei and how he revived Guanmei Hotel to Guanmei Inn and draw more business, his relationship with Qian Yu and all.

Back to usual

The dreadful and long part is here. Shan Jun Hao is back to the cold heart self and want to take back Guanmei to rebuild into his ideal attraction. Things goes here and there with countless schemes from various jealous pots.

Forget you, remember love


Even though Jun Hao forget about Qian Yu, but he finds himself unknowingly pay more attention to her than his fiancee Fan Yun Yi (Jiang Xing Cheng). More things happened and he was stripped off his title and shares gone.

But it is not the end, you have to watch the drama to find out what happened.

Wedding GIF

Yes, it is a happy ending and did Shan Jun Hao recover his lost memories?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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