Review: Genie in a Cup

Genie In A Cup Drama Poster 2022

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Fantasy, Business, Romance
Native title: 哇到宝!
Original network: Channel 8

A Singaporean-based drama that is set in the modern world but filled with unexpected encounter. In the competitive e-commerce world, Ma Dabao successfully created his empire ‘Wa Dao Bao’ which is the biggest platform in Singapore. ‘Wa Dao Bao”s upcoming rival ‘Goreach’ is a young startup by his only son, Ma Deming.

Ma Deming startup his own company after falling out with his father for the company’s goals in Wa Dao Bao. At his lowest point, he coincidentally bump into Xiao Qian, a university student filled with positivity. Xiao Qian is an aspiring fresh grad that dream to work in Wa Dao Bao alongside her idol Ma Dabao. However, she was eliminated from the first round of interview based on appearance.

Genie In A Cup Idol Ma Dabao
Overall the drama is a fun one to catch up on and it has been a while since I last caught a local drama with the last being The Peculiar Pawnbroker. Acting is definitely not on the mature side from most of the cast since they are pretty fresh face in the industry. So the depth you can find will be from the father-son scenes by Chen Han Wei and Xu Bin. 

Rating: 3/5

AI Cup

Genie In A Cup Ai Cup Launch

The cruel reality working in the competitive business line is where ideas are stolen, staff betray your trust and hardship of years can go to waste. Goreach is launching their biggest show in their next product showcase and Deming even told the media of this promising launch.

However, Dabao took a step ahead and announce their company’s new product, the same AI cup that will change the world of living healthy. Deming and the entire team at Goreach felt the hard slap on their face and utterly lost of words.

Wa Dao Bao continue with their plans and Dabao reveal that it was a scheme he had to teach his son a lesson of how cruel business is and that he has not reach that level. Indirectly convincing Deming to fold Goreach and return to Wa Dao Bao.

Genie In A Cup Betrayed

Stuck in the cup

Being a die-hard fan, Xiao Qian ordered the crazy expensive AI cup from Wa Dao Bao. However, the first batch of product has bug and tonnes of product loopholes. That faithful night, Dabao was electrocuted to death by someone and his soul was stuck into the AI cup that the staff was testing before packing it up.

Genie In A Cup Tasha And Chen Han Wei

Only Xiao Qian is able to see Dabao but she was convinced that he is a genie with her idol’s exterior. Strong believer that her idol is not dead and that the genie is not going to harm her. Dabao still in shocked but quickly accepted that he is dead and wanted to find out the cause of his death and who killed him.

For this, he is lending help from Xiao Qian indirectly to investigate the truth.

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