Review: Girlfriend (2020)

Girlfriend 2020 China Drama

No. of episodes: 36
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 楼下女友请签收
Original network: Hunan TV and Mango TV

Another classic love story between an arrogant young and rich CEO and a plain jane, this time round I really enjoy since it is the first lead drama by Lawrence Wong.

Wen Xiao Nuan (Xu Hao) is a passionate actress who grew up with Huangmei Opera 黃梅調 which is a traditional show and tell that is fading. Xiao Nuan came to the city and do all sorts of odd jobs and taking extra roles to earn money so that her hometown’s Huangmei Opera Troupe can survive.

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Her resemblance to the young CEO Ye Fei Mo (Lawrence Wong)’s ex-girlfriend, Han Hui (Tu Bing) whom he miss triggers her mother to hire Xiao Nuan to approach Fei Mo. To earn more money, Xiao Nuan took on the challenge and signed the contract.

Slowly accept

Coincidentally found out that Xiao Nuan was just ditched by her boyfriend Jiang Fang (Wang Ze Xuan) for money and two timed her with Jiang Ling Ren (Fu Shu Yang). Fei Mo decide to let her in and keep finding Han Hui’s shadow in her.

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The childish Fei Mo is also a capable and smart CEO, he decide to quietly take revenge for Xiao Nuan. Since Jiang Fang joined his biggest competitor’s company, it gave him more reason to do so.

Moving into the same building

Xiao Nuan completed the challenge and received the money, she leave the childish Fei Mo and move in with her best friend Jia Yi (Bai Xin Yi). However, after she left, Fei Mo gain more interest and decided to move into the same building as her to create more opportunities to see her.

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After saving her and cleared her debt, Xiao Nuan agree and signed with his company to repay faster.

Signing her into An Ning

An Ning is a media company that founded by Fei Mo’s mother, Cheng An Ya (Li Ying) and how he call the shots. He signed Xiao Nuan and gave her the best contract ‘S’ one extra could never dream of.

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Clinching that role is not through her connection, but she was discovered by the director and appointed himself.

Xiao Nuan train day in and out with strict rules. Han Hui is back from Hollywood to woo Fei Mo back, but she hurt him too deep and there is no turning back.

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Training hard to prove that she can do her job well.

Han Hui came out with several scheme with Jiang Fang to pull Xiao Nuan down from the lead role. From backstabbing to actually hurting her using the props on set. All because of jealously.

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Finally together

Fei Mo and Xiao Nuan’s heart are already together but both are not taking a step. Fei Mo’s mother appointed Xiao Nuan as her daughter-in-law and help to support their relationship by blocking sabotages.

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Of course, Xiao Nuan is not stupid and knows how to control the jealous situation well.
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There are more elements and excitement here in the drama which you can anticipate. A drama that draws a clear line for love and also being the substitute of someone else.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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