Review: Girlie Days (2019)


No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Comedy

Original network: TVB
Native title: 她她她的少女時代

Surprisingly nicer than expected. The drama started off 20 years ago when

DISCLAIMER: The following content does contain spoilers. If you do not wish to be “spoiled” you can read through my first impression on Girlie Days. 

Idolizing days

Ko Hau Yu (acted by Johnson Lee) was a idol back in the days with a band called Diamonds. Ching Fung and her older sister will run around to show support and really scream.

After Ching Fung’s sister left the world, Ching Fung raise her daughter, Hazel, up with Chi Keung. Ko Hau Yu then disappears in the entertainment industry and survive with another identity, Chan Dai Man, where he meet the 39 y-o Ching Fung.

Never too late to learn

No such thing as “too late” to do something. At 39 turning 40, Fong Ching Fung 方迎風 (acted by Kristal Tin) lost her husband and job overnight.

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Raising her late sister’s daughter, Hazel 張晴 (acted by Iris Lam) with her ex-husband Cheung Chi Keung 張智強 (acted by Raymond Cho) since a young age of 19, she devoted all her time and effort educating her.


After divorce, Ching Fung get back on her feet pretty fast and joined a gym as a salesperson and end up getting a Personal Trainer certification. The relationship is not limited to only BG relationship.

Chi Keung officially carry on with his relationship with the lover but eventually ended before it blooms further and realizing he still love Ching Fung.

Ching Fung’s father treat Dai Man as the son he don’t have and eventually became his godson. Which means, Ching Fung’s god brother is Dai Man. The love between them is adorable.

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Hazel’s first love

Being well protected by her parents, Hazel grew up with only one worry that is to study hard. Starting from a crush to dream come true and reality hits. How the writer

Noona love

This happens everywhere and the concern (issues) or struggles are pretty much the same. Growing up, Desmond 董學弘 (acted by Joey Law) always have a crush on Janice Cheung Chi Ling 張智靈 (acted by Claire Yiu).

After introducing countless girls and ladies to him, she end up realizing that the “noona” he love is her. However, her priority is fighting back her son’s custody.

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Really easy drama to catch up. No day in and out drama in the office, no heavy mind teasing content. Just love and inspirational drama.

Ratings: 🥔🥔🥔🥔

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