Review: Go Ahead

Go Ahead 以家人之名, 2020 China Drama poster.

No. of episodes: 46 (TV version), 40 (online version)
Genre: Romance, Family

Native Title: 以家人之名
Original network: Hunan TV, iQiyi, Mango TV

The drama is about three non-blood related siblings growing up together. Li Jian Jian (Seven Tan Song Yun) along with two older brothers, Ling Xiao (Song Wei Long) and He Zi Qiu (Steven Zhang Xin Cheng).

Journey to one family

Li Hai Chao (Tu Song Yan) is Jian Jian’s father and they have been living together harmoniously after the dead of Jian Jian’s mother, with the sole income source from Hai Chao’s noodle restaurant.

Ling Xiao’s family move to the same building and became the upstairs neighbour to Jian Jian. Ling Xiao’s parents always argue and he will sit alone in the stairway. Jian Jian and Hai Chao open their door to him and he officially joined the family with his father Ling He Ping (Zhang Xi Lin) after his mother left.

Go Ahead Ziqiu Jianijian Fight Outside

Hai Chao’s matchmaker introduce him with another single mother He Mei (Luna Yuan) and her son He Zi Qiu. Things does not go well, one day He Mei called Hai Chao to borrow money and left. Hai Chao found Zi Qiu struggling daily life when he visited him back in the village and decide to bring him back home and treat like his own.

Ling Xiao Zi Qiu And Jian Jian Share The Same Bed After A Long Day Playing Together
Ling Xiao, Zi Qiu and Jian Jian share the same bed after a long day playing together.

Non-blood related doesn’t mean not a family

Ling Xiao’s father is a police officer that couldn’t give him love in terms of time, so the two fathers decide to lean on each other for support for the three kids.

The invisible line between Hai Chao and Zi Qiu is always there. Zi Qiu’s relative keep indirectly remind him to be filial and always give Jian Jian the best as he is not their biological son.

Hai Chao Is Furious About People Saying That Blood Relation Is Superior
Hai Chao is furious about people saying that blood relation is superior.

Growing up, Hai Chao have to repeat himself countless times that Zi Qiu is his son.

Falling apart

Ling Xiao, Zi Qiu and Jian Jian grew up together and do everything together, even closer than most blood related siblings. However things changed when both her brother’s biologicial parents came to find them.

When it is time to move on to college live, both of them chose to study abroad but did not inform Jian Jian. Ling Xiao moved to Singapore to take care of his mother and Zi Qiu went to Europe to study so to protect Hai Chao.

Ling Xiao Zi Qiu And Jian Jian Video Call In Three Different Time Zones Go Ahead
Ling Xiao, Zi Qiu and Jian Jian video call in three different time zones. Go Ahead.

Jian Jian was furious but end up forgive them. They try to keep in contact even in three different time zones, but the distance slowly pull them apart. From daily messages and video calls to festive greetings only. Only Hai Chao keep the phone calls with his two sons.

Promise to return back home after graduation, but they did not.


Soon, Jian Jian felt the distant from her brothers and did not anticipate them to return home. One day, both of her brothers return after 9 years abroad. Protective brother self has activated and they want to be close to Jian Jian like they used to be.

Ling Xiao Zi Qiu And Jian Jian Awkward Reunion After Nine Years
Ling Xiao, Zi Qiu and Jian Jian awkward reunion after nine years

Jian Jian move out and rent an apartment with her high school best friends, Qi Ming Yue (Sun Yi) and Tang Can (He Rui Xian). Her brother co-rented the apartment opposite of her.

Ling Xiao Zi Qiu And Jian Jian Go Ahead
Ling Xiao, Zi Qiu and Jian Jian, Go Ahead.

After Zi Qiu’s accident, the three of them got closer. Jian Jian open her heart to listen to her brothers and their stories.

Their stories

Ling Xiao and Zi Qiu have their own problems that they are battling against over the 9 years apart. The pain and loneliness they kept from their family back home slowly reveals when they are back home.

Ling Xiao confess to Jian Jian and want to further develop with her as her boyfriend and not her brother. The same period, Zi Qiu also told Jian Jian that he want to marry her.

Who will Jian Jian choose? And what happened to Ling Xiao and Zi Qiu over the nine years abroad.

Happy Family Photoshoot In Go Ahead
Happy Family Photoshoot in Go Ahead.

This is a family drama that is way above expectation. So so so good!

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