Review: Go Go Squid!


No. of episodes: 41
Genre: Romance, Sci-fi

Native title: 亲爱的,热爱的

It did pick up pretty fast after the 4th episode. Binge watch it over the next few days. This drama is an adaptation of a popular novel, Stewed Squid with Honey 蜜汁炖鱿鱼.

DISCLAIMER: The following content contains spoiler. If you don’t want to read on, check out my first impression here. 

Rocky beginning

It’s a story of a girl with super high IQ of 140 , Tong Nian 佟年 (acted by Yang Zi) who saw a man in a cybercafe that she helped work at, love at first sight and decide to find out who is he. The man turns out to be a famous legend in the cyber-security industry, Gun Han Shangyan 韩商言(acted by Li Xian).

REJECTED at first, however, fate brings them closer than ever. Turns out Tong Nian and Shangyan’s families are friends and they’ve actually met decades ago. Their relationship begin just to reassure the elders.

Review Go Go Squid

The legend team

Mentioned in my first impression that they are highlighting another industry under e-sports that people might not be aware of just like professional gamers. 10 years ago, this industry is not well known (taking to the fact of the technology back then).

Team Solo is a champion team and a legend in the professional cybersecurity industry. Unfortunately they went on separate ways after Shangyan announce his retirement on the very day they won champion.

The original team Solo.
  • Leader: Solo Wang Hao 王浩
  • Gun Han Shangyan 韩商言
  • Appledog Ai Qing 艾情
  • All Ou Qiang 歐強
  • Xiao Mi Mi Shao Fei 米邵飛

After that they went on separate ways, but eventually into either Team SP or K&K.

K&K is a new start-up by Shangyan back in Norway (birth home) with a partner after he left Team Solo. Forming a team in K&K in China, where he aims to win world champion to bring glory to China.

Image result for go go squid k&k team
  • CEO: Gun Han Shangyan
  • Leader (aka Coach): Mu Chen 蘇澄 | Mi Shao Fei
  • Team Leader: DT Mu Bai 吳白 (Shangyan’s cousin)
  • Grunt Shen Zhe 沈哲
  • Demo Dai Fung 戴風
  • 97 Ling Qi 令山
  • One Zhou Yi 周一

Team SP is formed by Solo after Team Solo disband. Ai Qing, All and Mi Shao Fei was recruited in by Solo after he form the team. Ai Qing as the leader (coach) for the team.

Image result for go go squid sp

Best Matchmaker

Special supporting role, Han Shangyan’s grandpa (acted by Paul Chun) is the best matchmaker. How he appear and force his grandson to match make.

First and last lover

Even though Tong Nian and Shangyan have an age gap of 10 years, that did not eventually stopped them. “Communication is the key” is the golden sentence for all relationships. As long as both of them feels right, able to communicate well and always have the butterflies-in-your-stomach feel, THAT’S LOVE.

Review Go Go Squid

This is probably one of my favorite scene. Multi-tasking in a romantic way.

Review Go Go Squid

Ratings: 🥔🥔🥔🥔 (4.5/5)

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