Review: Goblin


No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Supernatural, Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 도깨비
Original network: tvN

The drama is about an unbeatable general that became immortal after his tragic death in Goryeo’s era. Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) became a goblin and live tirelessly for 900 years in search for his bride to end everything. Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) is a bright and upbeat high school student who can see the dead, she claims to be the goblin’s bride that can help Kim Shin.

The unlisted

Ji Eun Tak supposes to die when she was a fetus during an accident that supposed to claim her mother away. Kim Shin chance upon that accident and helped the pair but after the birth of Eun Tak, her mother left the world. When the Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) was sent on an assignment to ‘collect’ Eun Tak, he found that she was missing.

The ability to see the dead kept bothering Eun Tak, but she grows up with it. Raise by her aunt and family, she became the modern-day Cinderella. A deal breaker came and Eun Tak left the house, she chances upon Kim Shin and after knowing his situation, she claims that she is his bride and able to help him.

Goryeo era

Kim Shin was a unbeatable general and he fight for the king and the empire, his sister Kim Sun (Kim So Hyun) was married to the young King Wang Yeo (Kim Min Jae) and became the Queen. A traitor backstabbed him and Wang Yeo order to kill everyone in the family.

Friction between the King and Queen of Goryeo. Goblin.
Friction between the King and Queen of Goryeo. Goblin.

Kim Sun chose love and silly scarifies herself. Deeply sinned, Wang Yeo was not able to reincarnate and became a grim reaper. Kim Sun reincarnate and living as Sunny (Yoo In Na) in the modern day.

Sunny and Grim reaper reunited in modern day. Goblin.
Sunny and Grim reaper reunited in modern day. Goblin.

The pair of lovers reunited again but have no recollection of their past lives. Bittersweet love between a grim reaper and a normal human.


Yoo Duk Hua’s (Yuk Sung Jae) family has been serving Kim Shin for generations and been looking after his fortune that is growing since centuries ago. The young and mischievous Duk Hua was cut off financial support from his grandpa, he rents out a room to the grim reaper without the knowledge of the owner to earn extra cash.

New Housemate. Goblin
New Housemate. Goblin

Kim Shin and grim reaper became housemates with countless frictions while living together. After being chased out from her aunt’s house, Eun Tak starts to live with the two immortals under the same roof.

Part time job

Eun Tak is a part timer at Sunny's restaurant. Goblin.
Eun Tak is a part timer at Sunny’s restaurant. Goblin.

To earn a living, Eun Tak went to a chicken restaurant and met the lady boss Sunny. Ever since Eun Tak is working as a part-timer at Sunny’s restaurant. They developed close feelings as peers and things start to get complicated when Sunny remember her past life and reunited with her brother, Kim Shin.

The Sword

The sword. Goblin
The sword. Goblin

Eun Tak saw the sword in Kim Shin which helped identify her as the bride. Not knowing that by pulling out the sword means the end for Kim Shin, Eun Tak focus on relieving him from the pain. The two fell in love and Kim Shin caught in a dilemma of staying alive or not.

The perfect combination of serious fantasy bittersweet romance with action and the element of comedy. Goblin is no doubt one of the best K-drama in history and a must watch for K-drama beginners.

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