Review: Good Doctor

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Genre: Medical
No. of episodes: 16
Original network: KBS

Opposite of Suits, this series caught the eye of the American producers and they made a remake after the Korean Good Doctor is out.

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This series was first aired in Aug 2013 and it only caught my eyes in 2018.

Won Baeksang Arts Award for Best TV Drama in 2014 with other nominees such as Reply 1994, I Can Hear Your Voice, My Love from the Star and Secret Affair.

The American version caught my attention while I was scrolling through my feed on Facebook a few months back. It was a few minutes of everything I love in a series/drama, and I did share and hope someone will reply me with the title of it.


In short, this is a medical drama that talks about the journey of an autistic savant, Park Shi-O (acted by Joo Won) that wants to become a paediatrician (pediatric surgeon) and his journey on how he works for it and to be a recognised doctor.

Moments that showcase the inner confusion and unable to express himself well which leads to misunderstanding really touched me. (Might be an introvert thing)

Ability to see the world in another angle really inspire me the most, especially on how he approach different cases in the drama.

Love Line

Everyone knows it is rare to chance by someone to love and love you. In dramas, both needs to work hard to reach their happily ever after which mostly made up of overcoming insecurities, misunderstanding etc.

However, the love-line in the series have an additional factor: stereotypes.

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The love-line between Park Shi-O and Cha Yoon-seo (acted by Moon Chae-won) started purely based on senior-junior relationship which then leads to trust, understanding, caring and evolves to love.

My ratings will show you how much this drama is worth your time!

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

Where can you find it? Check out ViuTV or Netflix.