Review: Handmaidens United

Handmaidens united

No. of episodes: 15
Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy

Native title: 丫鬟大聯盟
Original network: TVB

Thoughts… honestly after episode 11, I start to feel that the drama is a little draggy.

Yuet Ying 月盈 (Jacqueline Wong) is a maid under the Vice Minister of War House, leads an alliance of maids and they trade information and work together to make additional money. Yuet Gau 月皎 (Roxanne Tong) sell herself to be a maid at the Vice Minister of War House to raise money for her love.

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After misunderstanding is resolved, Yuet Ying and Yuet Gau became close sister-like friends and support each other to reach their goals.

DISCLAIMER: The following content does contains spoiler, you can read my first impression here.


Secret lover

Yuet Ying and her house’s master son, Kau Kei Chun 裘其進 (Tony Hung) is having a secret relationship behind everyone. They kept it as secret knowing the relationship won’t be blessed due to their status.

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Asides that, Kei Chun’s father, Master Kau is eyeing on Yuet Ying and want to make her his concubine and also his third wife.

Yuet Gau came from a far village came to the capital to raise more money for her fiance, Fu Yau Wai 傅有為 (Brian Tse) to participate in the 3-year once scholar examination. She secretly supports him by cooking food and taking care of him without his knowledge.

Smart handmaidens

The handmaidens united consists of the pretties maidens in the capital and jack of all trades. Head by Yuet Ying, the maidens are able to earn more money through leaking information of their masters and doing bulk deals with merchants.

Review Handmaidens United

Not blessed

After Kau family found out about Kei Chun and Yuet Ying’s relationship, they force them to break up and marry off Yuet Ying. Kei Chun took the lead to help her find the perfect husband and that broke her heart.

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She can’t get over him and found a resolution to it, to make Kau family drop in social status so they will be able to marry each other. She manage to strip off their social status and on D-day of their “happily ever after”, Kei Chun found out what she did behind his back.

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Things escalates quickly

After the relationship took a nasty turn I was thinking how will he change his mind. And so, the entire drama escalates quickly to involve a bigger scheme to start a war and strip off the emperor and its kingdom.

I feel like everything is pretty rush and did not make a total sense, hence my rating even though I enjoyed the drama in the beginning.

Ratings: 🥔🥔

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