Review: Happiness

Happiness Tvn 2021 Drama

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Thriller, Romance, Horror, Action, Military
Native Title: 해피니스
Original network: tvN

The fiction story set in the apocalyptic world where another infectious diseases hits the city. This time round, this is deadly and dangerous. Infected humans suffer from unabated thirst which is only satisfy with human blood.

Yoon Sae Bom (Han Hyo Joo) and Jung Yi Hyun (Park Hyung Sik) are friends since high school. Now, Sae Bom became a strong solider of the anti terrorist unit and Yi Hyun is a smart and detailed police detective.

Do you want to be my girlfriend?

Yi Hyun was a promising baseball athletic, but unable to pursue that as a career after his knee injury. He was up on the roof for a breather but someone in the school called the police. Everyone was kept in their respective classroom until the case is solved. Sae Bom couldn’t take it and went up to the roof and talk to him.

Happiness Hyun 039 S Confession

End up throwing him off the roof when she saw the safety measures are all set in place. Yi Hyun was instantly attracted to her.


Yi Hyun and Jeong Gook (Lee Joon Hyuk) became partners at work, while investigating a murder case happened in a motel, the murderer was caught on scene with bloody mouth. Claimed that he dreamt of what happened and felt really thirsty after he had 3 to 4 pills from his friend. Came back to conscious with the body laid right in his room.

The friend’s name rang a bell and Yi Hyun immediately called Sae Bom and ask if she knows the person working in the same facility. When she went up to check, he was infected. White eyeballs, on full attack mode. Scratched by him while protecting herself, she was taken to a classified place by a group of soldiers led by Han Tae Seok (Jo Woo Jin).

Living the Apartment Dream

Brought to a mysterious place, the curious cat start asking many questions and hope Tae Seok will answer her truthfully. After multiple test, Sae Bom is cleared that she is not infected. Tae Seok was surprised but kept his poker face on, he gave in to the request from Sae Bom to write a good feedback so she will be able to live her apartment dream.

Happiness Sae Bom Proposal

But now, she need to get married to be qualify under the ‘newly-wed’ quota. Sae Bom asked Yi Hyun to marry her but not involved romantically. They got married, moved into their new apartment and start living together in Seyang Apartment.

While exploring the apartment and neighbourhood, she met a friendly neighbour Seo Yoon (Song Ji Woo). She’s a young girl that lives in the same level as them, her parents are always out working to pay for bills and her hefty medical bills.

Residents living from level 2 to 5 are under rental, therefore treated like lower-class by the residents staying from level 6 onwards. Of course, Sae Bom don’t think it is right to have clans like these.

Lockdown + NEXT pill

While investigating the murder cast in motel, Yi Hyun found the pill that the murderer mentioned and that became a bait to communicate with Tae Seok. One of the ways to get infected is by eating NEXT pill and they are on the roll to find the source and stop the distribution.

Happiness Hyun Swap Pill

Before they can control, the virus is spreading like wildfire in Seyang Apartment and that are in a lockdown with no warning. Sae Bom was stuck in the compound and when she thought she was alone, Yi Hyun appeared. Since Seo Yoon’s parents are still out working, she is left alone and went over to stay with the couple along with Jeong Gook who was on a mission in the apartment with Yi Hyun.

Residents in 101 and 102

Level 2 was empty and became a shelter for the cleaning company who went to level 11 for cleaning assignment and stuck there. Go Se Gyu (Kim Young Woong) and his wife Ji Moon Hee (Lee Ji Ha) along with their newly hired mysterious masked man Andrew (Lee Joo Seung).

Level 3 lives an old married couple with their unemployed son who wants to get famous by doing live broadcast.

Level 4 is home to writer Na Hyun Kyung (Park Hee Bon) and his stranded oppa Na Soo Min (Na Chul) who came to ask her for a favour.

Level 5 is Yi Hyun, Sae Bom couple with Seo Yoon and Jeong Gook.

Happiness First Case At Level 6

Level 6 we have 2 units. 601 is where everything started, the doctor Oh Joo Hyung (Baek Hyun Jin) and his mistress Woo Sang Hee (Moon Ye Won). 602 lives a married couple, lawyer Gook Hae Sung (Park Hyung Soo) and his wife cum secretary Shin So Yoon (Jung Woon Sun).

Level 12 is the president of the community Oh Yeon Ok (Bae Hae Seon) and his pastor husband.

At the penthouse on level 15, Kim Se Hoon (Han Joon Woo) who is a fan of anything military related.

Happiness Hyun Save Sae Bom

It is a really intense drama that keep the tension up and unpredictable next step. When you are in a lock down, resources are getting low day by day, human nature will escalate be it good or bad.

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