Review: Hello, Miss Driver 下一站。遇见


No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Drama, Business, Romance

Original network: Channel 8

Honestly, this drama does not make me want to rewatch but I managed to complete it. (a good thing?) 

Ever since the twists from episode 10, when the male lead pass away and got killed off the script, I’m curious how will it goes…

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Thinking back, no wonder Elvin did not attend the press conference to introduce the drama to the media friends. It will be good if the focus is more on him, or let him die at the later part of the drama when viewers really able to relate the pain of the young wife.

The Beginning

It started off well and at a rather fast pace. But that did not turn me off, or rather, I thought it will be as flavorful as He is Psychometric which developed at a really fast pace.

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The Awkwardness

Yulin can be a really good character for an actress to build on, unfortunately, I did not see it coming here.

From the start when she betrayed her blood sister with her boyfriend, ditching her mother and brother after the death of her father, until her obsession to sabotage whatever good things and people her sister, Chenxi have.

Definitely can tell that Yulin is a rookie actress trying her best, but I still focused on the awkwardness throughout the drama.

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For reference, my favourite villain will be Julie Tan in Dream Makers 2, her acting there is really good. 

Kill off too soon

Really hoped that the scriptwriter able to lock down Elvin a little more, so we can see the relationship between Wenliang (acted by Elvin) and Chenxi (acted by Carrie) more.

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As much as I stan for #carbin (Carrie and Xubin) since 118 time, I think that Wenliang and Chenxi deserves more air time in Hello, Miss Driver.

If they are going to keep their relationship short, Wenliang should have passed away earlier and do back flash throughout the drama like how Life on the line did with Ali’s character.

Will I recommend this drama? It was good until episode 10. 

Rating: 🥔🥔