Review: Her Private Life

Her Private Life Drama Poster with Park Min Young, Jae Wook

No. Of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 그녀의 사생활
Original network: tvN

The drama is about an art gallery curator Sung Deok Mi (Park Min Young) who hide her identity as a professional fan girl for a Kpop group White Ocean especially Cha Shi Ahn (One). Self operating one of the biggest fan site for Cha Shi Ahn, Deok Mi lives and breathe for him. However, this remains as a secret in order to work professionally as an art curator in the gallery.

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Only her childhood friend Lee Sun Joo (Park Jin Joo) and non-related brother Nam Eun Gi (Ahn Bo Hyun) knew the real her. Sun Joo used to do all the fan girl stuff until she is married and have a son.

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New art director

One day, Deok Mi’s boss is finally stepping down due to family issues. She is looking forward to the promotion after years of grilling and hard work in the gallery. However, the news that they hired an external director from America hits her.

Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook) is a famous artist globally but due to an accident, he fears to touch another paint brush. He agree and flew back to South Korea as the new art director.

Discover her secret

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Deok Mi accidentally bump into Ryan Gold while snapping images of Cha Shi Ahn in the airport. Her fan girl diary dropped and picked up by Ryan. To retrieve back, Ryan Gold added her and accidentally found out Deok Mi is the owner.

Fake dating

Ryan’s first project in the gallery is do hold an celebrity artist collection where he schedule a meeting with Cha Shi Ahn. Deok Mi is thrilled knowing she will be meeting her idol for work, but need to keep her excitement down.

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Paparazzi snaps and due to angle, it seems like Deok Mi and Cha Shi Ahn is dating. All the raged fans find Deok Mi to scold and throw rotten eggs. To save her from the situation, Ryan agree to fake date Deok Mi.

Guardian angel

Nam Eun Gi grow up with Deok Mi and feels like a brother to her, however, when they grew older Eun Gi feels differently when he sees Deok Mi.


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Fake date turns into true romance, Deok Mi and Ryan Gold fell in love. Ryan was adopted by an American couple since young but still wonder why he was abandon by his mother.

Deok Mi’s mother temporary took care of Ryan when he was young and before he was adopted. Deok Mi, Ryan and Eun Gi share a few childhood memories together.

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Ryan Gold connect with Shi Ahn because he knows that he is collecting Lee Soo’s artwork which he does as well. Being his neighbour as well, Shi Ahn feel connected with Ryan and often found entering his house if he wants to avoid other’s eyes.

Review Her Private Life
Review Her Private Life

Turns out, they are blood brother of the same mother. Deok Mi help Ryan to unlock all the knots he has and will he pick up the paint brush again?

Review Her Private Life

If you are a Kpop fan, you will feel somewhat connected with Deok Mi. Feels like someone finally understands you and how you feel.