Review: Hi Bye, Mama!

Hi, Bye Mama! Drama poster

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Family, Comedy, Fantasy 

Native title: 하이바이, 마마!
Original network: tvN, Netflix 

The recently ended drama talks about possibilities which are impossible yet a selfish wish. Afterlife can be scary since it is unknown, but will it be scarier when you are back to life after being dead for years? 

Cha Yuri (Kim Tae Hee) died after an accident and managed to deliver Jo Seo Woo (Seo Woo Jin) before leaving the world. She remains on earth and has been watching her family over the years until her husband Jo Kang Hwa (Lee Kyu Hyung) remarries after 2 painful years. 

On the 4-5th year, Yuri begins her 49 days long project of reincarnation and goes back to her family who is trying to cope with her death after years. 

49 Days

Yuri needs to hide her identity while figuring out what she needs to focus on during the 49 days. After she knows Seo Woo is in danger because she can see ghosts, Yuri blames herself and wants to reverse it. 

Review Hi Bye Mama

While Kang Hwa is shopping and enjoying with his new family, he chance upon Yuri who turned back to human and visible to him. Still can’t believe whatever is happening in front of his eyes, he chooses to believe that Yuri is really back from the dead. 

No one knows about the 49 days mission Yuri has apart from the Shaman. 

Mission: Seo Woo

Yuri cannot reunite with Seo Woo as a mother so she went to work as a kitchen assistant in the kindergarten that Seo Woo goes to. She starts to chase all the ghosts away from the environment that Seo Woo will be in and now she needs to go to her house. The only way, be a part time helper. 

Oh Min Jeong (Go Bo Gyeol) was shocked at first to see her resemblance to Yuri not knowing they are the same person. She sees Seo Woo and her feelings are mutual and lets her be the part time helper while she tries to get back into the workforce. 

Three friends

Review Hi Bye Mama

Ever since Min Jeong married Kang Hwa and naturally is the mother to Seo Woo, she quit her job and hardly met her friends just to raise Seo Woo well. Being in the close circle too long, she even consulted a lawyer to potentially get a divorce. After meeting Go Hyun Jung (Shin Dong Mi) and Yuri, she starts to open up to them and the three of them got close. 

Hard truth

When Yuri’s family, friends and Kang Hwa knows that she will be dead again after 49 days if she does not take her position (her role) to be Kang Hwa’s wife and Seo Woo’s mother, they are going through the pain one more time. 

Oh Min Jeong finally knew Yuri is Yuri and was devastated. She willingly wants a divorce so that Yuri can return to her place. (Such a painful position to be in.) 

Final goodbye

Review Hi Bye Mama
After knowing that Yuri is there the whole time seeing them suffer makes them even hurt.

The shaman is right, not many lucky ones out there are blessed enough to have a final goodbye with their loved ones. Even though it is really really really very sad to see her leaving again, at least this time round, they get to rewrite and leave on a happy note.

Review Hi Bye Mama
Review Hi Bye Mama
Review Hi Bye Mama
Review Hi Bye Mama

Prepare tissues along the way, because the worst thing to experience on earth is saying forever goodbye to your loved ones. Life and death is a blessing in disguise.

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