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Adapted from a web novel by Zhu Yi. The story of Sang Zhi, a girl who fell in love with her brother’s friend Duan Jia Xu since young. He became Sang Zhi’s private tutor before he moved to another city after he graduated from college. Sang Zhi subsequently went to the same city to study even though they lost contact for a few years.

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Romance, Youth, Family, Friendship
Native title: 偷偷藏不住
Original network: Youku

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Unrequited love

Sang Zhi grew up in a warm family filled with love, being the youngest in the family, she is the princess to everyone including her elder brother who appears to be annoyed by her.

One day when she needs a favour from Sang Yan, she barges into his room but finds a very attractive young man standing. Someone who is not his brother but a friend of his, Duan Jia Xu.

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Is a love at first sight and since then, the three of them have been hanging out more frequently together. When Sang Zhi was in high school, her mother engaged Jia Xu to be her tutor. The love towards him grows even more after knowing him better. However, she kept it to her heart.

When the boys graduated from college, Duan Jia Xu moved back to his hometown, a city away from where they met. After hearing that he had a girlfriend, young Sang Zhi took a flight to verify.

Everyone thought that she had a boyfriend she met online and the whole family went into panic mode when she fled home overnight. Sang Yan contacted Jia Xu from the city to find her. Seeing him appearing at the airport accompanied by another lady, Sang Zhi assumes that she is his girlfriend.

Reunited in a foreign city

Heartbroken Sang Zhi did not change her mind about her ideal college. She moved away from her home and moved to another city, a city that he lives in to attend college.

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Since the goodbye from the airport, Sang Zhi has not replied to any of Jia Xu’s messages over the years. Now a college student, Sang Zhi grew up into a fine lady and bumped into her first love while attending her roommate’s birthday celebration.

Fell in love

Living alone in the city, Sang Zhi discovers that Jia Xu has no one to rely on when he is sick. She plays the role of a family member when he needs someone to help him. Slowly, they got closer and Jia Xu discovered he fell for her.

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Of course, it is never easy and love is never just 2 people’s issue. How will they break the news to Sang Yan? After knowing his family background and the debts he has despite being a good man, will Sang Zhi’s parents accept him?

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