Review: Hotel Del Luna

Hotel del Luna drama poster

The feeling of a good drama ending is super bad! 

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Romance

Original network: tvN
Native title: 호텔 델루나

Brilliant Drama, Brilliant Script, Amazing Cast, Advance CG.

I fall in love with the drama since the beginning and the feeling did not fade away still. How much I love watching the actress Lee Ji Eun (aka IU) side of her and anticipate every drama she participate in.

Overall Idea

The idea of afterlife having a hotel to stay in between life and death is cool. It ditch the idea of ghost wandering around aimlessly after their death which some might be really sudden to accept.


Review Hotel Del Luna

They are probably the most adorable bunch of “ghost” each came to the hotel with a sad memory. The part of them that are not willing to let go, so they end up work in Hotel Del Luna.

Review Hotel Del Luna

Horror Rom-Com to the point

There are countless of scary scenes when Chan Sung just started working. The unpredictable script with the extensive type of ghost and their stories.

Not everything is serious to the core. They do have countless hilarious scenes within the drama that actually turns a serious melo scene to a really funny one.

Review Hotel Del Luna

Flower Bloom

Review Hotel Del Luna

When the thousand years old tree finally bloom, yet no one is happy about it.

Fate ties Man Wol’s life to the tree, when the tree blooms, flowers starts to fall, it’s like the sign of departure. Not only her, the entire hotel.

Celeb Cameos

I guess this is probably one of the most cameos. Gathering so many top notch actors into one drama is really a blessing to viewers like us.

Review Hotel Del Luna

I will cover it in a separate post.

Final goodbye

We all know that this is bound to happen, just the matter of time.

The finale is heartbreaking yet beautiful at the same time. The staff started work because of the reason they are unable to let go on earth.

Review Hotel Del Luna

When they finally settle their “last wish” and set off the journey to a new beginning, it is heartbreaking but beautiful.

Review Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Blue Moon


I knew that Kim Soo Hyun will make a cameo appearance at the finale of Hotel Del Luna. This is probably the best cameo (sorry, really bias for his comeback.)

Review Hotel Del Luna
Review Hotel Del Luna

Still can’t get over this bitter sweet moment! The 99th Human General Manager in Hotel Del Luna. 

Review Hotel Del Luna

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