Review: I Bet Your Pardon

Review: I Bet Your Pardon

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Comedy, Historical, Showbiz

Original network: TVB
Native title: 荷里活有個大老千

The drama is about a con artist Lung Sei (Kent Cheng) and his life after release from prison. He wants to bid goodbye to his dangerous lifestyle of being a con artist and he switches his career to be a film producer.

Before things happened

Lung Sei 龍四 is a professional con artist that con rich man’s money and one day all of them gang up to track him down. With the help of Lung Feng 龐峰 (Paul Chun), Man Hung 文雄 (Kent Tong) and his men found him and even frame him.

After Lung Sei was caught and tortured by Man Hung’s man, he even threatens his then-fiance to be his woman, Bak Hap. Lung Sei was framed to hide drugs and imprison for 2 years.

End up Bak Hap 方百合 (Angie Cheong) swallow the pain herself and broke up with the badly injured Lung Sei in the prison visiting room.

Hollywood Studio

The professional con artist went missing and far away from his old circle of friends. Venture into film production and start working in the Hollywood Studio. He recruited two mentees to work under him, Shu Keie 舒奇 (Babyjohn Choi) and Mak Gei 墨基 (James Ng).

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Keie and Mak Gei slowly move from backstage crew to onscreen actors.

Ding Ling 丁玲 (Elaine Jin) and her daughter Ding Siu Yu 丁小雨 (Ada Wong) went to the defective agency sponsored by Lung Sei to request help to trace him.

Marilyn 瑪利蓮 (Selena Li) bring in 3 girls that aspire to be movie stars to Hollywood studio. Ming Zhu 陳明珠 (Connie Man) is the eldest among them, together with her, Fen Fung 蕭芬芳 (Bonnie Chan) and Siu Yan 薛小燕 (Virginia Lau).

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Birth of ICAC

The drama set in the era slightly before the birth of ICAC where corruption is everywhere and people deem police as a useless, blood sucker job.

The mastermind of all the criminal action is head by Man Hung, the head of the police force. If you watched The Defected before you will know how scary it is when power will eat someone up.

In the mid of the drama, it is when ICAC set up and their first target is Man Hung. From the ICAC 2019, you will see people respect them more. But in the drama, even the police officers under Man Hung don’t give a d**n of them.

Life of a con artist

Once a con artist, forever one. The drama being with the life of Lung Sei before he was framed and jailed. The ending of the drama links both being a con artist and also actors/actress.

Just one take, but everyone risking their lives. Which I really like how the drama built the tension up to that “scene”.

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