Review: ICAC Investigators 2019

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No. of episodes: 5
Genre: Crime, Investigation, Drama, Police

Original network: TVB
Native title: 廉政行動2019

This is a miniseries about the live as a ICAC Investigators which is running on and off throughout the years. ICAC is in short, the Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption which is a independent department run by the government.

Newbies Onboard A New Case At Icac Icac Investigators 2019
Newbies onboard a new case at ICAC. ICAC Investigators 2019

Two newbies Ngau Joeng Zi (Carlos Chan) and Sam Wing Gwan (Jeannie Chan) joined the ICAC after strict selection. Working under veterans Hon Jik Shan (Ben Wong) and Zoeng Ga Man (Joyce Tang).

Icac Investigator 2019 Newbies Sacrifies

The newbies are out there going undercover in different organization to find the ‘black materials’ and even though it is less risky compared to triad undercovers, they are still risking their lives on the line.

While going undercover and unstable working hours, personal life and relationship does scarifies along the way. But the newbies are not ready and prepared for it.

Since they are replicating the real case that happened, there are less drama involved between the actors. Easy watch drama that will interest you if you do want to find out more about the real cases.

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