Review: In a Class of Her Own

In a Class of Her Own 漂亮书生 drama poster

No. of episodes: 36
Genre: Historical, School, Romance, Disguise-male

Native Title: 漂亮书生
Original network: iQiyi

The drama is a remake from a South Korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal 성균관 스캔. Drama revolves around Xue Wen Xi (Ju Jing Yi) who is from an impoverished family, she disguises as a guy and borrow her brother’s identity Xu Wen Bin (Li Jia Hao) to learn money for the family. Father passed away when she was young and the only man in the family is battling with health issue.

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Forced into campus

Yun Shang Academy is a prestigious school in the entire country and it is famous for having a high benchmark to even enter the school. However, only man with noble family background qualify to sit for the entrance exam.

Wen Xi’s mother took a loan from the loan shark and through Wen Xi’s storybooks and other income it is impossible to pay off the debt. While accidentally bumping into Feng Cheng Jun (Song Wei Long), the son of the Prime Minister is a gentleman with big heart. He saw the potential in Wen Xi but did not know she is a girl.

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Indirectly pay a middleman to con Wen Xi (aka Wen Bin) to the entrance exam. To raise enough to pay off the debt, she agreed to take the exam and indirectly enrolled to the school due to the appraisal letter Cheng Jun submit to the minister.

Life at Yun Shang Academy

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Previously she failed to help commissioned person to cheat during the entrance exam, that accidentally made her step on the tail of Han Zhi Sheng (Chen Yi Long). Zhi Sheng is the student leader in the academy with family as his strong back.

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Cheng Jun and Zhi Sheng are natural enemy due to the nature of their family stand in the palace. Cheng Jun and Wen Bin got arranged to stay in a room with Lei Ao (Richards Wang).

Living day by day

Wen Bin stayed in the campus living day by day hoping no one expose her real identity, while thinking of a plan to get expelled. Following Lei Ao to be the bad student that no one dares to even mingle with.

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After knowing the consequences of being expelled, she did not want to risk her brother’s name and destroy his future. She starts to set her mind of focusing on studies and love to learn more during medicine class.

Real identity

Years ago, Lei Ao’s elder brother and Wen Bin’s father scarifies their lives trying to fight for equal rights to allow anyone to study regardless of gender and family background.

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Wen Bin’s identity was discovered by one of the senior teacher, instead of reporting it, he tries to find reason and ways to ask her leave the academy.

Yu Le Xuan (Bi Wen Jun) knew Wen Bin is a girl since the beginning, he knew Wen Bin even before she enter the academy and has been secretly protecting her. Lei Ao accidentally discovered that she is a girl and starts to treat her differently, extra protective.

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Feng Cheng Jun fell for Wen Bin ever since he saw her dressed as a lady. To escape the hallucination, he almost engaged to Han Shu Min (Zhang Xin) until he found out that she is a girl.

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Their journey is definitely not the smooth sailing, but it is definitely worth catching up.

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