Review: In Family We Trust (2018)

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No. of episodes: 18
Genre: Family, Crime, Mystery

Native title: เลือดข้นคนจาง

This drama was recommendation by my colleague from Thailand. She mentioned that there’s a popular Thai Idol group called nine by nine (9by9) and all nine of them are in this drama.

Since it was on Netflix and I do watch Thai drama once in awhile, I gave it a shot.

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The story started off with the happy big family that went to celebrate the head of the house, Ah Gong’s Birthday. The entire family owns a hotel chain in Thailand which makes them really rich.

Jiraanan Road

They own a piece of land which they build all the landed properties for each individual family to live in. All joint by the road which name after the hotels.

  • House 1: Ah Gong, Ah Ma and the Son, Kuaitiao, of their past away Daughter
  • House 2: The eldest Son, Prasert Jiraanan, Wife and their Son Pete
  • House 3: Youngest Son and his Daughter, Mei Mei
  • House 4: The only Daughter left, her Husband and the 4 sons. Yi, Earn, Tao and Toey.
  • House 5: Second Son, Wife and their 2 sons. Vegas and Macao

The extended cast will be the other family that Prasert have. The ‘mistress‘ or you can say is his true love and their son, Chi.

Murder Case

The entire drama is build on the lack of trust in the family after Prasert was murdered at home. With the police involved, they discover more secrets that each members holds.

The suspects are put on the 4th family which is why, Yi, made the most appearance in the drama trying to prove the innocence of his family members.

Image result for in family we trust
4th family. (left to right) Toey, Yi, Earn and Tao. Their father is back facing the camera. Source: 1 

Major roller coaster ride for the Jiraanan family.

It is definitely not easy watch since I need to rely heavily on the subtitles. Instead of just conflicts and fighting over inheritances, this drama involves murder case which adds on the excitement to it.

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔

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