Review: I’ve Got The Power

I 039 Ve Got The Power Tvb 2022 Drama Poster

Five supernormal humans with odd jobs became heroes while they seek justice for the people on the streets. Unlock the supernatural powers that they did not previously possess with and each has their own powers such as strength, time controlling and more.

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Supernatural, Action, Comedy
Native title: 超能使者
Original network: TVB

Surprisingly interesting storyline that is not as lame as what I was expecting it to be after watching the teaser. 

This drama is nominated as one of the Best Drama of 2022. Ruco Chan entered the Best Actor list based on this drama as well as Natalie Tong for Best Actress. Alex Lam and Tiffany Lau both entered the nomination list under Best Supporting Actor and Actress. 

Rating: 4/5

The accident

Ive Got The Power The Accident

Chung Hao Lin (Ruco Chan) is the eldest son of a small family with a loving wife (Moon Lau), he worked as a masseuse who sell related products as an additional income using his smooth sweet words.

Kiu Yeuk Nam known as Kiu Jie (Natalie Tong) is one of the leads working in the TV broadcasting station for calefares (mean extras). Ko Yung and Ko Sau are twins from Mainland China that looks totally opposite.

All four of them are strangers that caught in the same accident while a mini bus collide with a taxi at 6:06PM on 6 June. Strangely, all of them saw that accident flashing before their eyes before it really happened.

Side effects

Hao Lin and Kiu Jie was sitting beside each other and sort of knew the other party just days before the accident. Both woke up in the hospital together after knowing the other person experience and witness the same crazy event.

Side effects including the flashing of scene just right before something bad is going to happen. They ran to the scene to see if that is going to be real and possibility to alter that ending.

Ive Got The Power Superpower

Not wanting to see his neighbour die before his eyes, he release the powers that he never thought he posses. Hao Lin able to freeze time. Kiu Jie has the ability to heal others, Ko Yung has a unbeatable body. However, all of these comes with a price to pay.

Do watch it as there will be more people who are involved in the accident slowly reveal themselves. Natalie Tong, Ruco Chan, Joel Chan, Tiffany Lau, Alex Lam, Sammy Sum along with Grace Wong. The friendship that was made through that is one of the key highlights in the drama.

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