Review: Kids’ Lives Matter

Kids' Lives Matter - TVB Drama 2021

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Medical, Romance, Friendship
Native title: 星空下的仁醫
Original network: TVB

The story is set in Princess Anne Hospital primarily in the paediatric department center around 3 doctors Dr. Jonathan Hui (Kevin Cheng), Dr. Amos Fong (Kenneth Ma), and Dr. Eman Cheung (Linda Chung). The three batch mates are close friends that intern together, due to one faithful surgery, Jonathan and Amos turned their backs on each other. Decades later, they are back working together in the same hospital, Eman became their mediator.

Princess Anne Hospital

Kidslivesmatter Kay And Amos Opening

Dr. Amos Fong and Dr. Kay Mak (Catherine Chau) known each other for the longest time, working alongside in the same department. Kay is known to be the doctor that follows order and listens well to her superior Paul (Gabriel Harrison). Amos is the opposite that work towards his goal of building a specialist centre for paediatric.

Jonathan was transferred to Princess Anne from a small hospital due to the number of surgery the hospital sets. Due to the quota, it limits the number of patients that he can save.

Kidslivesmatter Amos And Jonathan

Promise that he can bring his patients over, he agreed to join the big hospital to work alongside Amos and Eman. Eman is a strong-witted individual that came back to Hong Kong after her adventure as a borderless doctor. She is smart and well-known as one of the top surgeons in her expertise.

The Trio

Kidslivesmatter Eman The Mediator

The best part of the drama is watching the trio. The three friends reunited after 2 decades of working by themselves. Eman is the mediator between Amos and Jonathan, she knows what cause their friendship to break and want to mend it back.

Building HARD Team

Kids' Lives Matter - TVB Drama 2021
Kids’ Lives Matter – TVB Drama 2021

Translation from 黑Team, hard team is a newly form team of top surgeons that willing to take on risk to perform the toughest surgery. Also the bargaining chip that Amos wants to hold on hand to negotiate for the change to build the Paediatric Specialist Centre.

Kidslivesmatter Hard Team

The 黑Team include the core member, Amos, Jonathan, Eman, Catherine, and including a Senior Doctor in Anesthesiology Dr. Joey Kwok (Florence Kwok). They need extra pair of hands, they chose Max (Him Law) to join the team.

Overall, this is drama scores 10 out of 10, 100 out of 100. Really good to see TVB produce a good drama after so so so long.

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