Review: Korean Odyssey

It was an “OMG~! Scary, but I want to watch” starting and towards the end it became… “Just get over it fast!”

Started to watch it due to 2 reasons:

  1. Everyone is saying about this series, social media thread, and everything. So out of pure curiosity.
  2. It is on Netflix, how convenient it is!

The story is an adaptation of the [Journey to the West] we know since young. However, the scriptwriters make twists everywhere and it ends up feels like another Riverdale (just using characters from Archie and make another series).

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(Left to right: Lee Hongki (as Jeo Pai-kye ‘PK’), Lee Seunggi (as Son Oh-gong), Oh Yeon-seo (as Jin Seon-mi, “Sam-Jang”) and Cha Seung-won (as Woo Ma-wang, “Bull Demon King”)

Comparing to alike series; Goblin, W-Two Worlds

Please watch both Goblin and W-Two Worlds before reading… Because, both are amazing! Anyway, The Korean Odyssey is pretty scary (at least to me, I’m not a fan of horror) which is mixed of Horror-Thriller-Comedy all in one.

From Episode 1 to 15

The horror component is so strong that you can feel it just in less than 10 minutes into the series. More monsters, evil spirits and anything evil you can think off got killed by Oh-gong.

The Geumganggo bracelet

If my memory did not fail, the history states that it is a headband that oh-gong wear so he will listen to Sam-jang. It did appear in the later part of the series as the “generation one”.


Image result for The Geumganggo bracelet
Credits: Soompi


As for the bracelet, how it works is controlling Oh-gong’s heart. Since the modern day human Sam-jang is a lady, the geumganggo actually connects to Oh-gong rock heart and soften it so that he will fall in love with Sam-jang and listen to her.

It is quite a story for just explaining how it works throughout the series.

Best Character


Related image


Definitely is Lee Se-young, acted in 3 different roles from the human trainee in Lucifer Entertainment Jung Se-ra to the zombie Jin Bu-ja (translate to Richie) and evolved to the evil Ah Sa-nyeo (based on Baigujing in the Journey to the East).

If you are planning to watch or currently watching, you will definitely love her!

Want to know where to watch? You can catch it on Netflix (international) or tvN.

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔🥔

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