Review: Legal Maverick 2

Legal Maverick 2, TVB Drama

No. of episodes: 28
Genre: Legal, Investigation, Police, Crime, Friendship

Native Title: 踩過界II
Original network: TVB

The legal drama continues the legacy of the blind hero, a blind barrister Hope Man, Man San Hap (Vincent Wong) with his right hand and left-hand man. Paralegal Chiu Ching Mui, Dino (Sisley Choi) and an ex-police now private detective Kuk Yat Ha, Go Go (Owen Cheng).

The coast seems clear until Hope Man’s mentor Kan Siu Wan, James (Paul Chan) returns to Hong Kong, and along with him is a female version of Hope Man, Eva Siu Mei Na (Kelly Cheung).

The person who lives life to the fullest isn’t the person who lives the longest, but the one that knows how to live.

James, Legal Maverick 2

Female version

Eva is a barrister with the same mentor, James Kan who is well respected and famous in the legal industry. Eva overheard a conversation and understand that James’s favorite mentee is Hope Man, she starts to build interest and study him.

Eva meeting Hope Man for the first time. Legal Maverick 2.
Eva meeting Hope Man for the first time. Legal Maverick 2.

Studying Hope Man for 3 years, she went on extensive measures in hopes that someday she can surpass him. Eva even learns how to be a blind person and live like one to ‘see’ things from Hope Man’s point of view. She returns to Hong Kong when she feels confident enough to compete against him in court.

Against all odds

Hope Man took on cases to defend murderers, rapists, and the bad guys that police and pieces of evidence point against. Of course, Hope Man took on the case because he believes that they are wrongly framed and want to help them to nab the real culprit.

Defending in court. Legal Maverick 2.
Defending in court. Legal Maverick 2.

Shaking Iron Triangle

Hope Man, Dino, and Go Go forms the iron triangle since the first season, they lost their best friend Judge Never Wong (Ali Lee) while seeking justice. Their friendship stands on the core purpose of justice and that means to find out the truth even losing a case.

Yancy (Tracy Chu) is Hope Man’s one and only love, Never had a thing for him for a short while. Both of them became past tense and gives hope to Dino who has a one-sided crush for the longest time. Eva’s appearance made her slowly lose Hope Man.

Dino’s change

Dino return to Hong Kong as a barrister. Legal Maverick 2.
Dino return to Hong Kong as a barrister. Legal Maverick 2.

Dino’s father was diagnosed with a late change of cancer, but to support her daughter’s dream to become a lawyer, he requests Hope Man to fire her. Fired and heartbroken, Dino packed luggage to flew to England to study law. She returned to Hong Kong three years later as a barrister to defend a case for a rapist. Dino gains fame in England as a well-known Asian lawyer and her mentor was James as well. Hope Man is happy that she became a good barrister but her core intention is no longer justice but is to win.

Losing her father while studying abroad, she blamed Hope Man for keeping it mum and hiding the truth. She couldn’t see her father for his final moment and that became hate towards Hope Man.

One of the best HKdrama I’ve watched in 2020. Will Dino forgive Hope Man in the end?

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  1. I loved watching Vincent Wong play Hope Man He is a brilliant actor and becomes the part so the dramas he is in is very addictive the best actor for the roles in Maverick One and two I am hoping there will be a Mavericks three with Vincent Wong in the lead Big big fan !!! 💖🙏

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