Review: Life After Death

Life After Death TVB Drama 2020

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Investigation

Native title: 那些我爱过的人
Original network: TVB

The drama begin with a serious car accident seven years ago that changes the lives of two families. Laura Fong Lok Man (Priscilla Wong) was carrying twins but lost one through the car accident along with her husband. Keung Yuk Sing (Frankie Lam) lost his wife Mavis (Griselda Yeung) in the car accident while he was warded after the serious injury through the boxing competition.

Sherman Fong Su Man (Shiga Lin) and Koo Hei San (Mark Ma) was on ground and saved Laura and delivered the baby. Seven years later, they met again while assigned to work in the same clinic.

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On the other hand, Laura and Yuk Sing met again when she joined his boxing gym and end up being his insurance agent. Both of them did not know how they are interlinked by the accident initially.

The broken sisterhood

Growing up, Laura always felt like she is the extra in her family ever since Sherman was born. Her birth took their mother away and growing up, Sherman is the smart one in the family and seems like things are always in her way.

Laura then wanting to settle down and marry her husband and pregnant with twins soon. However, he says that he is having affair with Sherman since he can’t do anything while she is pregnant. Laura threw a fit and soon, the accident took place.

Escalates fast

Sherman and Hei San met again as colleagues in the same clinic seven years later. Hei San likes her however it is challenging to win her since he has ASD (Autism spectrum disorder).


However they soon overcome the barrier and date, and pretty soon they registered their marriage. The new couple set off with more challenges in life from the nitty gritty daily stuff to an outsider.

Thankfully, it is all moving towards the same direction together. Sherman grew up without a mother. Her relationship with Hei San’s mother is rocky from the beginning, but they opened up about their inner thoughts.

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The kids

Two families, Laura raise her daughter with heart disease and her half brother aka Zhu Bing (Zeno Koo). Yuk Sing raise his only daughter Keung Zi You (Chloe So) up and constantly has a battle with his mother-in-law that hates him.

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Without knowledge their kids found the way to each other like them, just not romantically. Eden Mok (Kyle Li) is a IT guy that flew to Hong Kong and joined Yuk Sing’s boxing gym not long ago joined the young clan.

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The truth of the accident

Eden hide his identity after he starts to remember the day of the accident seven years ago. Turns out, not only lives of Laura and Yuk Sing’s changes. Eden and his girlfriend was involved in the same accident while riding a motorcycle.

The accident cause his girlfriend a lifetime bedridden and he lost his memory. Eden comes from a rich family and his mother always wanted to send him abroad, the lost of his memory is a good opportunity, so she lied and he totally forget about his girlfriend.

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After he regain his memories, he flew back to Hong Kong to investigate what is the real cause and starts to go on the revenge route.

I would summarize this drama as a melodrama which turns out not as slow as I’ve expected. At least I completed the drama which means it is watchable. Find out if they will end up together yourself!

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