Review: Life on the line

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Time for another review of a Hong Kong TVB production. Briefly mentioned this drama in my previous post that this is an upcoming drama and now I’ve completed it! (Time flies)

Genre: Medical
No. of episodes: 25
Original network: TVB Jade

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Guess this is one of the best HK Drama in 2018 to me and also the rest of the viewers. The ratings proved my point here!

Since the launched of the trailer in the sales presentation in 2017, I’ve been looking forward to watch the final production. Reason, I really love medical dramas and it is more on the paramedics which is really niche.

The story

It was slightly draggy in the beginning when the scriptwriter focus on the academy and the process of the training to be a paramedics. However, once you pull through that few episodes, it will be enjoyable.

The key takeaway from the academy portion is to show how high the bar is set to even enter the training and the challenges and obstacles you need to go through before graduating. And of course the friendship that was build.

After graduating from the academy, that is where the real fun and hardship starts. Really enjoy watching all the cases they had and every story behind it.

The cast

Joe Ma (as Mak Chay Tin) is finally back for another TVB drama and he is probably the strongest actor in the entire drama. Together with him, another rising actor, Matthew Ho (as Cheuk Ka Kit). He portray his character quite well and of course the progress he have made. The previous strong role he got will be the Eunuch in [A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch].

Surprised cameo from Ali Lee (as Cheung Wai Sum) the wife of Mak Chay Tin which involves in a hit and run accident right at the beginning of the drama. After that, there are on and off flashback of her in the entire drama which I love it a lot!

Every medical drama/series always reminds me to enjoy your day to the fullest as you will not know what will happen the very next 24 hours.

Where to catch it? Recently, TVB launch TVB Anywhere SG. All you need to do is to download the app to watch the series!