Review – Lost Track of Time

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Review: Lost Track of Time

The story unfolds when fate gave Lu An Ran (Fair Xing Fei) was a second chance to live again. She woke up back in her 18 year old self, moments before she met Mu Zhe (Jing Chao) that changed her life. With 10 years worth of memories and sacrifice, she vow to take revenge and alter the ending.

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Revenge, Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Native title: 覆流年
Original network: Mango TV

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Overall, the drama is definitely on a more intense, revenged filled end. Seeing a different Xing Fei is refreshing and her pairing with both Jiong Chao and Zhai Zi Lu is very different.

Rating: 4/5

The Beginning

Lu An Ran is the eldest child in the biggest merchant Lu Family based in Su Province. Even though she was just 18, An Ran went to expand the unknown sea route and help their family to be even more properous. Known to be smart and kind, her father decide to give her the power to dominate the family business during her 18th birthday ceremony that sparks jealousy from the concubine.

Mu Zhe is the 2nd prince of the country and was out trying to understand the province better. He knew who Lu An Ran was and how her family’s business will benefit him to gain more power.

Fell in love at first sight, Lu An Ran was swoon by Mu Zhe who was disguised as a little bodyguard from the Capital. He promise to return and marry her.

First Life

The emperor’s verdict came unpredictably to Lu Family, the Emperor ordered and bless the marriage between Mu Zhe, his 2nd Prince and Lu An Ran. This shook her as she was waiting for the little bodyguard. After which she knew the little bodyguard is indeed the prince and wait for D-Day.

However, her mother passed on her wedding day but she have to still leave her mother to get married. Tears filled day for Lu An Ran which suppose to be her happiest day. 10 years of marriage and a decade of happiness that she thought was a happily ever after.


During the span of 10 years, she lost her son to an accident caused by Mu Zhe’s second wife, concubine Xiao Jing Que (Zhang Jie). She lost her blood brother Lu Yun (Cheng Yu Feng) in the battlefield, and her father was facing death penalty that her blood sister Lu Xin Ran (Wang Si Yi) framed him from.

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After countless sacrifice and plots, Mu Zhe managed to succeed the throne. When An Ran confronted him with all the evidence to prove her son’s death, knowing her brother’s death was indirectly caused by him etc etc. Mu Zhe flipped his attitude 180 degrees which hurt her even more. She decided to suicide by burning the main palace down with her as well.

Unrequitted love

From the beginning, there is a man beside Lu An Ran that missed the first step and led to forever one-sided love. Mu Chuan (Zhai Zi Lu) is the 9th Prince of the Capital who only wants and interested in the crops and inventing new species.

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Mu Chuan found himself in the Su Province trying to remove the seedly that the villages planted. His action angered the villagers and they immediately informed An Ran. After misunderstanding is highlighted, they recognized his effort and became friends. An Ran only knew his real identity when Mu Chuan came to esort her to the Capital on the wedding day.

Throughout the first life of her decade, Mu Chuan was not seen with another lady nor he display interest to marry. He confessed to his brother and An Ran that the lady he love marry off because he was one step behind.

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Mu Zhe ordered to kill Mu Chuan when he knew too much after he suceed the throne.

Puzzle pieces

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An Ran woke up back in the ship where she was about to meet Mu Zhe 10 years ago near Su Province. Even though she is back in her 18 year old self, the first life’s 10 years worth of memories are still stuck in her mind. The hatered towards Mu Zhe is really strong and it grows knowing that their random encounter was a staged one.

The moment An Ran saw Mu Chuan in the rice field, she was relieve and happy to see him again. This time round, they spent more time together and Mu Chuan managed to give her the silver bracelet earlier. An Ran discover the hidden message and the puzzle pieces are solved, the lady that Mu Chuan love is her.

In her second life, she wants to protect not only the Su Family but also Mu Chuan. How will she alter her fate and prevent all the deaths of her close ones.

Lost Track Of Time Drama Still Cuts Xing Fei And Zhai Zi Lu

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