Review: Love Alarm

Love Alarm S1

No. of episodes: 8
Genre: School, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi

Native title: 좋아하면 울리는
Original Network: Netflix, tvN

This drama is unlike the normal k-drama, everything starts from a study room of Duk Goo (Lee Jae Eung). Joalarm is an app that will detect if there are anyone loves you within 10 meter radius from you.

It is a full on triangle relationship with secret crush, fast-forward yet slow drama, dating life with a poor girl and chaebol.

Friends in love with same girl

Kim Jojo (Kim So Hyun) is a high school student that is battling her daily life after her parents suicide back at hometown, Jeju Island which left her with living with her aunt and cousin, Park Gul Mi (Go Min Shi).

Triangle GIF
Sun Oh and Hye Young had a talk and confess that they are both interested and it will be up to Jojo to choose who she likes through the app.

Lee Hye Young (Jung Ga Rum) is secretly having a crush on Kim Jojo, he works with her part time in a BBQ restaurant after school and always secretly follow her to the bus stop to make sure she boards safely. Knowing that she has a boyfriend then, Il Shik (Shin Seung Ho), he dare not make a move. However, all these action was observed by his childhood best friend, Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang) who came back from the States.

Downloading Joalarm

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Gul Mi stood up Duk Goo and Jojo happens to be there, end up she was gifted the latest phone and able to download Joalarm. Using the app to prove that Il Shik does not have feelings for her and she can’t ring his alarm as well. They broke up and she found her heart is with Sun Oh.

Bad Relatives GIF

Just like Cinderella, Jojo is living with her evil cousin which is a trainee and believe she deserves the best and that includes dating Sun Oh.

Protecting your feelings

Love Alarm GIF

To not ring Jojo’s alarm, Hye Young did his best to avoid getting near her. End up he was hurt and Jojo is not aware of him. Instead of the girl he likes, another male student rang his alarm which made him realise a fact and decide to let Jojo knows.

Jeju island

Jojo was reluctant to join the school trip to Jeju and Sun Oh supports her. End up, she made her mind to go ahead and Sun Oh went with her.

Jeju Island GIF

After an accident, the drama brings us to 4 years later. They are no longer in a relationship and flash back shows that Jojo activate a shield to protect her feelings and only the developer is able to lift it.

4 years later

Hye Young found back Jojo and start to try and approach her, let her know how he felt the old-fashion way. He never stop loving her ever since high school and only want to have a chance with her.

Kdrama GIF
After breaking layer of ice, Jojo ‘allow’ Hye Young to re-download the app and ring her alarm.

Sun Oh realise that Hye Young is back for Jojo and constantly remind him of how she hurt her back in High School. Which in the case, Hye Young knows everything and understands her. Sun Oh can’t ring the alarm of his current girlfriend, Yook So (Kim Shi Eun) because he still love Jojo and he don’t like it but can’t stop it.

New beginning?

At the launch of Love Alarm 2.0 presentation, Jojo caught off guard having both Sun Oh and Hye Young rang her alarm. Just when she starts to warm up to Hye Young, things got a little awkward.

Triangle Relationship GIF

Love Alarm 2.0 will be able to predict “The person you will fall in love with“. And that concludes the drama, which we definitely need the second season to be out ASAP!

Ratings: 🥔🥔🥔🥔(3.5-4 /5)

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