Review: Love in the Moonlight (2016)

Love in the Moonlight drama starring Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung

No. of episodes: 18
Genre: Period, Romance

Native title: 구르미 그린 달빛
Original network: KBS2

Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung) disguises as a man since young and has been living under another identity, Hong Sam Nom. She made a living through giving dating advice to men and one day, she was caught and sold as a eunuch to the palace and the story then begins. 

Before entering the palace

On behalf of Jeong Deok Ho (Ahn Se Ha), Sam Nom went ahead to meet his penpal lover. On the other side, Princess Myeong Geun (Jung Hye Sung) is on the receiving end. His brother Lee Yeong (Park Bo Gum) is the Crown Prince and he went to the venue to find out who the person is. He was played by Sam Nom and wants to take revenge if he ever sees him (her) again. 

Signed deal

Sam Nom accidentally bumped into Lee Yeong while trying to escape the palace. After he knew, he made sure Sam Nom passed the eunuch trainee exams and had to stay in the palace to work. End up being friends with Sam Nom while keeping his Crown Prince identity until she was assigned to work there. 

He is a she?!

Dancing GIF

Lee Yeong uncontrollably being protective over Sam Nom and people in the palace starts to spread words that the Crown Prince is gay. To help Lee Yeong, Sam Nom dressed as a lady for a dance. Only Kim Yoon Sung (Jung Jin Young) knew she is a lady and he start to act like her guardian angel. 

Confession time

Before Lee Yeong went to the ‘secret garden’ to find Sam Nom and kissed her, he discovered that he is actually a she and was super relieved. They are secretly dating in the palace with heavy guards and just when you think the fairy tale moment stays, the King orders a royal wedding for Lee Yeong. 

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Traitor’s daughter

The real meaning behind why Ra On’s mother insisted her disguise as a boy since young. The secret rebel group led by the chief eunuch aims to find Hong Ra On and protect her while the prime minister wants to use her to frame the assassination they plot against the Crown Prince. 

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Her real identity was exposed and she left the palace overnight. She knew that giving hope for the Crown Prince is not doing him any good. So she hurt him right before the royal wedding.

Heartbreak GIF
This scene just broke my heart. Sam Nom want to break up with Lee Yeong and he shows her that it will be done.
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He feels sad that the girl he love is in so much pain. #secondleadsyndrome

Back to the palace

Turns out the traitor did not die decade ago and he is back, Ra On’s father is back. Very soon got caught back to the palace jail. Sam Nom sneak to see him and was caught and lead to the grand finale.

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The one scene that made me cry like a baby (literally). The friendship between the three friends is one unique one and awkward due to their family background.

The happily ever after is not the one we picture, but definitely a beautiful one.

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Now i totally understand why this drama is one of Park Bo Gum’s most recognizable project and he is the nation’s Crown Prince.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.