Review: Love Playlist 2

Love Playlist 2, web drama poster.

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Web series, Romance, School

Native title: 연플리 파일럿2
Original network: Playlist Studio

Sequel from Love Playlist, this season we have our initial 5 members with the addition of Kim Do Young (Min Hyo Won) and Kang Yoon (Park Jung Woo).

The short web series continue to see the relationships between seven college students from different background. Romance and being in a relationship is not always smooth sailing and easy. Love is ideal but might not always the best option.

Love Playlist 2 When Flirting Ends
Love Playlist 2 – When flirting ends.

After Jae In walk out of the one-sided crush, Kang Yoon has been around her no matter where she goes.

Flirting definitely ends up. Whether is it good or not.

Love Playlist 2

On the other hand, Do Young is busy taking on several part time jobs just to pay for her daily expenses and hefty school fees. She has no time and no motivation to even date someone else. Jun Mo (Im Hwi Jin) went back to the clique to get advice on how to woo her.

Hyun Seung and Ji Won broke up once and will there’s relationship last or there will be more solved problems piling up.

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