Review: Love Playlist 3

Love Playlist Season 3, Web drama poster

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: School, Romance, Web Series

Native Title: 연플리 파일럿3
Original network: Playlist Studio

The third season of the Love Playlist series, we are growing up, going through different relationship struggles together with the main clique. This season we have an addition of a long time best friends of opposite gender.

For those who are curious of what happened and what the main clique went through, do catch up on the first two seasons.

Can opposite gender stay as best of friends and not romantically involved?


This CC (campus couple) is not exactly at their best shape. What happen after CC breaks up and still continue to bump into each other in campus?

Group Photo Reminds Hyun Seung Of Ex Girlfriend Ji Won Love Playlist 3
Group photo reminds Hyun Seung of ex-girlfriend Ji Won. Love Playlist 3

Lee Hyun Seung (Kim Hyung Suk) and Jung Ji Won (Jung Shin Hye) broke up again and this time it is real. The 6 months seems to be a torture to both of them.

Since Hyun Seung introduce Ji Won to his clique and they hang out pretty often, it is sad whenever she appears in the group photos.

Bumping Into Your Ex In Campus Love Playlist 3
Bumping into your ex in campus, Love Playlist 3.

Best friends since high school

Jeong Pu Reum (Park Shi An) is an extrovert and she shares the same birthday and interested as well as hobby with another freshman during first year of high school. Park Ha Neul (Bae Hyun Sung) is an introvert, totally opposite from Pu Reum.

Park Ha Neul And Jeong Pu Reum In Love Playlist 3
Park Ha Neul and Jeong Pu Reum in Love Playlist 3

Weirdly they clique well and been best friends ever since, even enter the same college and enrolled into the same club.

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