Review: Love Playlist 4

Love Playlist Season 4, Web drama poster

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, School, Web Series

Native Title: 연애플레이리스트 시즌4
Original Network: Playlist Studio

The fourth installment of the Love Playlist series with additional cast. Now we are not only focusing on studies, friendship and relationship. The main clique are seniors and half of them are in the military, others are preparing for the job hunt and the real society problem.

Beginning Of Love Playlist Season 4
Beginning of Love Playlist Season 4.

New blood

New relationship bubbling when we have our campus center cheerleader Seo Ji Min (Kim Sae Ron) with Park Ha Neul (Bae Hyun Sung) who is still hanging out with his best friend Jeong Pu Reum (Park Shi An) a year after he confessed.

Ha Neul And Ji Min Meet Formally For The First Time In A Group Date
Ha Neul and Ji Min meet formally for the first time, in a group date.

Ji Min has no sense of direction and was lost in the huge campus while finding the venue for entrance exam. Ha Neul lend her the helping hand and ever since, she is finding him. Finally found him while on a group date with her friends.

We meet again

When Kang Yoon (Park Jung Woo) is back after 2 years of military, 2 years after he initiate the break up with Han Jae In (Lee Yoo Jin). Ever since they broke up, Jae In can’t seem to have another stable relationship and with her final year, she don’t even have the time.

Love Playlist 4 Seeing Ex
Kang Yoon seeing Jae In 2 years after they broke up.

Kang Yoon walked back into her life (class) after returning to school from military. Was assigned to be in the same project group. Will she find out the reason behind their break up from him directly?

Enlistment, military

Lee Hyun Seung (Kim Hyun Suk) finally patch back with Jung Ji Won (Jung Shin Hye) at the end of the third season, but they face a new challenge. Hyun Seung is due to enlist soon after graduation.

The downside of having all males as your close friends, you will find yourself lonely while they are away to serve the nation. Jae In is the only female in the initial clique, she is feeling down but understand that all her friends are away for good reason. The moment they showed up at her graduation exhibition, feel so warm.

Love Playlist 4 Supportive Friends

One of the reason why I started the Love Playlist series, to find out more about the relationship between Ha Neul and Ji Min. They will be acting in the spin-off drama from Love Playlist, Dear M premiering in 2021.

Beginning of Ha Neul and Ji Min, together. Love Playlist 4.
Beginning of Ha Neul and Ji Min, together. Love Playlist 4.

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